3D Printed Arkham Knight Helmet. WIP


Hello everyone,

These past few days i have been working on drawing the Arkham Knight helmet in solidworks. I plan to 3d print the helmet afterwards to add to my collection. I will be posting photos of my progress as i go for anyone who is interested in keeping track!

here is what ive got so far. what do you think?

I have smoothed out the top parts already and will now be working on smoothing out the cheek portion to get a smoother print. hopefully this will mean less work after printing to smoothen everything out.


Yes it will be full size and whereable. however i do not know the exact size it should be so i am just going by eye. i believe the back of the helmet cascades simlarly to the iron man helmets do, so i plan to make those parts working as well. Also, when 3d printing the helmet, i have the optioin to scale the helmet however i like. so if the first print is to large than i can always scale it down. So right now im not too concerned on the overall size, as long as the proportions are right.


yes, yes, and im not sure what the cost would be. it will definately take a long time to print. at least a day im sure. depends on how many pieces i divide it into. Im not sure how much filament it will take to print yet either


For anyone who may be following this thread, here is a new post. Ive been busy the past few days searching for a new vehicle. today ive found time to draw up the cheek portion of the helmet.
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