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Interest 3D Print: Kylo Ren Saber Clip

Discussion in 'Project Runs' started by Sni9er, May 21, 2015.

  1. Sni9er

    Sni9er Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    Hey guys just wondering if there is an interest for the Kylo Ren Saber Clip attachments:


    the part would be for visual only and although could be used functionally I wouldn't advise it for long term trooping, i'm looking into an aluminium replica but it will be very pricey from what i've found so far. as most would be holding the saber with the costume I don't think for some this is a major issue for now until the found part is discovered

    the kit would include:

    2 x 2.4mm black rivets for attachment of the lower part to the belt
    2 x 2.4mm Flat Washers
    2 x M2.5 x 6mm Black Counter Sunk Screws
    2 x M2.5 x 12mm Black Counter Sunk Screws (to mount top part of the buckle to the belt)
    2 x M2.5 Flat Washers (to mount top part of the buckle to the belt)
    2 x M2.5 Lock Washers (to mount top part of the buckle to the belt)
    2 x M2.5 Nuts (to mount top part of the buckle to the belt)
    Silver PLA Printed Belt Clip (Printed at 140 Micron Layer height)

    The Price would be £15 + Shipping

    what you would need is:

    M2.5 Hex Key
    Rivet Gun (or glue the buckle and parts to your belt)
    Finishing of the final buckle (sand/paint although the surface will be pretty good raw for such a small part)

    the Clip will also be for sale on Shapeways for £12 but will not include any of the additional hardware listed above (you would need to source)
  2. Chicagovader

    Chicagovader Sr Member

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    well I would be interested but since I'm in the states I think shapeways would be the way to go for me
  3. dday

    dday Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I think people are waiting for the found part.

    I'd really love to be able to hang the dang saber sometimes to give my arms a break, plus you get tired of kids attaching you out of nowhere.

    The helmet looks to have decent visibility but little kids at your feet might still be hard to see.

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