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This may sound harsh, but 4shared keeps forcing me to download a stupid plugin that has nothing to do with your file and will not let me download your STL. Could you please host this somewhere else, like maybe dropbox, so people can get a look at your problem.
I got the same thing. Norton rejected your site. It said your site was launching an attack against my computer.

If you want help, don't use that site.
Okay. Much better. I can see that your "fins" extend into the center of the object through the walls. You need to move/shrink the fins (two of the four) away from the center of the object.

Also, the other two fins are TOO FAR away from the center pipe. This leaves a gap between the fin and the pipe and would not print correctly.
And one of the four fins seems to be improperly aligned. It doesn't make a perfect cross with the other three fins.

The ends of your fins are flat. The pipe they're up against is a VERY thin, hollow cylinder. You may have to make the ends of the fins curved with the same curve as the cylinder they're up against.
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ah. I just tried to open it in a different program, and one of the cylinders comes out as all jagged pieces. Is this what you were asking about ?

try uploading it to this website to fix it.


You just have to make a free account to use the website.
Yep. What the others are saying. I looked at it in Meshlab and it appears that one fin is slightly shorter than the rest, the one opposite this one does not touch the cylinder, and the two perpendicular to those are a tad off center. All 4 of these fins seem to have intersecting faces with the cylinder and the base they sit on. I don't know the specs of your printer, but if this were ever to be printed on something other than a filament type, it would also get rejected due to wall thickness issues and what they call "non-manifold" or watertight issues. You may have to close off the bottom of the lower cylinder if its not supposed to be hollow, or at the very least thicken up the width. Biggest issue like I said though is all the intersecting faces. The software in your printer may be able to ignore those, but the one fin standing by itself has no real support and may not print properly.
Fortunately, in many software you can get away with intersecting solids -- as long as each is individually watertight and manifold. The first print I did was some campaign medal clasps. I made the individual letters watertight, then sunk them slightly into the flattened cube that formed the clasp body. Sure, I get charged for both volumes by my print house (Shapeways) but it sure beats trying to clean up a boolean!
Tigerguy72, does this fix your main problem ?
Is the end supposed to be OPEN ? After I ran it through the website to repair it, the end was sealed off.
But it did fix it and make it printable.
Hey guys sorry about the long delay to respond. Yes it did fix my problem and yes the one end is supposed to be open. Its the pommel to the Gold Zeo Power ranger staff that I am trying to make. would yall recommend to just separate the fins and then put them on via super glue??
There are gaps on all sides of your fins, including the bottom. You would just need to fix all your gaps in the original program. The stl file that we can download is not modifiable on a piece by piece basis, so we can't fix it for you.

If you learn to fix this kind of problem in the software, it will help you with future problems in your designs.
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