3D Modeling access.


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I just signed up to the free version of Onshape cloud based 3D CAD service.

I wanted to provide 3D models of some designs and props I had that didn't involve stl files. I do plan at some point to provide .STL files.
But wanted to give others options to access, update or edit models. Onshape seems to be a good option, but i wanted to get other opinions on the matter.

I figure STL and OBJ formats would be good for 3D printing.
Printables, thingiverse, and grab cad would be a good place to also upload files for others to download, but are ther other sites that are more commonly used for 3D model downloads?
You mentioned a few of the good ones. Here are some more:

Now you can print in vivid color

For magnets

For tiny deposition


Glow in the dark plastic that heals:

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