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bump today. Just finished printing and doing basic clean up work on this 42'' sword for a client. Made in 3 parts, with gems that go in the sword, not shown here.

Quick Sparrows

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I'm still working on finishing this guy, but I figured it'll take me a few more weeks to get around to wrapping it up, so I just wanted to post the Levin Sword that Bryan printed for me recently. It's a 42" sword, extremely lightweight (for eventual moulding) and I'm going to finish it in one piece for simplicity's sake.

Bryan was incredibly on-the-ball with this project. I came to him with no experience 3D printing large objects and he was patient and friendly and happy to rejig the model to break down into parts with pegs that match the zig-zag of the blade, as well as hollow it out a bit for weight. He made the gems separable after I mentioned wanting to cast them separately, and he included pegs for it for a clean fit! He also primed it for me, which is great; fewer layers I'll have to do myself!

In the third picture I have it for scale with two other props I've commissioned before, which are 45" and 53" respectively. It is barely a third of the weight of the blue/silver sword, which is incredible.


I'm so happy with the results that I've already commissioned a second project for finials for an axe handle :)



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Thanks for the kind words Jenn :)

Here are some images of some older props I modeled and printed and just never got around to posting images or anything.

The apollo V is 18'' tall
The Graves shotgun from LOL is 40'' long (final paint was done by the client - nice work :) )

I have plenty more props and images, but felt it was time to update or show some examples of work real quick.

miniman.jpgfinalprop.jpgminiman2.jpgmoonlander.jpggraves shotgun.jpgreceived_1250322794992761_resized.jpeg