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As with many of the previous Doctor Who leads, I am left saying, “Hmm…I’m not familiar with them…”

But very exciting times with a new Doctor and Davies back! Cautiously optimistic to see the where this goes!



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It wasn't that hot under Davies IMO. He's the one that introduced nookie in the Tardis, which is absolutely reprehensible. Sure post-reboot Doctor Who looked a lot better, not having to be shot in quarries, but I think people put too much emphasis on CGI and not nearly enough on good writing.


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Not familiar either but looking forward to it.

I really liked Fugitive Doctor and would have loved it if the show followed her for a season or three.
I also think it's a crime they don't do a bunch with Sean Pertwee as 3.


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Don’t know him. I just hope that the show gets back on track. And for heaven’s sake, can we give the Daleks a rest for a few years!


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I'm actually familiar with the actor cast in the role. He plays the friend of Asa Butterfield in Netflix's "Sex Education." He's great in that show as are all the others in the cast and the show is one of my favorites on the service (the rest of series isn't as good as the first season, admittedly).

I hope the writing is solid, god knows how much it's been lacking for the last decade or more but with a few exceptions, and doesn't betray his abilities as an actor. I don't have high hopes but then again, I don't have cable, so I'm not bothered by another loss.

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