10th Doctor Blue Suit Build

Fandom Agent

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I really need some help making a very cheap 10th Doctor Blue Suit. I already have the sonic, and everything, I just need the suit. I am kinda small, (5 foot 9ish.) I hope someone can help me out. I want to wear it for a movie and just for fun.


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Magnoli and Baron Boutique are the two best options, but if you're looking for cheap you could try one of the cosplay sellers on eBay. Know that they won't look great nor will they fit very well. You might be able to find a blue suit at a department store that would look close enough for what you need it for.

Fandom Agent

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I've been trying thrifting, but I haven't been able to find anything. Magnoli and Baron are also going to be a while for me, as I don't have the money. The Ebay cosplays are a much more plausible choice, even though they aren't the most screen accurate I've ever seen. Hopefully people won't mind the white pinstripes. Maybe my trench coat will cover it up. Thanks for the suggestions.

Dave Ward

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There are some good enough suits on Ebay, I did a search for Blue Suit 38 and came up with some affordable options. I'd also recommend H&M.
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