1/72 scale Starfury


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This is from Bablyon 5. I wish they made a better kit of this.





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Wow that is one of mine all time favorite Earth space fighters you have done a fantastic job of it and I love the weathering pattern on it.
Plus the lighting really sets it off.
Just to let you know there was a resin gun upgrade kit for it that came out some time ago.

Love the weathering patterns. Great work Rich!

Agreed - I really wish there were larger models scale versions!
That looks really good... A few weeks ago I dug a half finished one out of a box to see about finishing it off... and couldn't find the canopy or pilot :angry

The thing which put me off finishing it the first time around (about 13 years ago) was wanting to paint it like Garibaldi's fury and not having access to a decal printer...
I've searched the forum, but haven't found any build threads on a starfury. Anyone know if there is a good site for build info?
I just want to echo what has already been stated about your paint work. You've turned a relatively run-of-the-mill model into a real eye-catcher! (y)thumbsup
My favorite ship from one of my all-time favorite shows. And when I saw the thread had your name on it, I knew I'd be wowed once I clicked on it.

As already stated, the lighting/paint treatments make this thing ROCK. If you took some pix of this model photoshopped against a star-field, it would totally look like a 1:1 scale Star Fury. And more "real" than what actually appeared on the show.

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