1/6 Santa hat or Suits???


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I hope this is the right section and thread but I was wondering if I can get any help on finding a 1/6 action figure scale santa hat or suit.Much help is appreciated.




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Most years, Sideshow will release a holiday version of a figure (or sometimes two). Basically, they'll have a santa suit and hat.
Problem is, finding them.
Another option (though potentially expensive) is these 1:6th Santa statues sold at Michaels.. as Christmas is now over, you could probably pick them up for a bit less but either way, they have nice looking cloth outfits. I can't speak on how removeable they are.


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I just saw some Santa figures in Sears yesterday on the clearance table about 13-15" tall in gorgeous cloth outfits. Not my thing, but great time of year to buy.
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