1/350 stargazer (Constellation Class) Kit-Prototype Build-up


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Hey folks,

Here is a build-up of a 1/350th USS Stargazer (Constellation Class) by the RPF's own Hotshot (Rhett Martin). This build-up is of a kit that he and I are in the process of producing. Hope you all like it. PM me with questions.

- - - Updated - - -

Here are the pylons for the kit itself. Contact me if you have any questions.



  • Stargazer Build-up 1.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 1.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 2.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 2.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 3.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 3.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 4.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 4.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 5.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 5.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 6.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 6.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 7.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 7.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 8.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 8.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 9.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 9.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 10.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 10.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 11.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 11.jpg
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  • Stargazer Build-up 12.jpg
    Stargazer Build-up 12.jpg
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  • Pylon 1.jpg
    Pylon 1.jpg
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  • Pylon 2.jpg
    Pylon 2.jpg
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  • Pylon 3.jpg
    Pylon 3.jpg
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  • Pylon 4.jpg
    Pylon 4.jpg
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  • Pylon 5.jpg
    Pylon 5.jpg
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  • Pylon 6.jpg
    Pylon 6.jpg
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  • Pylon 7.jpg
    Pylon 7.jpg
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  • Top Pylon 1.jpg
    Top Pylon 1.jpg
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  • Top Pylon 2.jpg
    Top Pylon 2.jpg
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  • Top Pylon 3.jpg
    Top Pylon 3.jpg
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Rhett J Martin

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So excited to see this kit finally coming to fruition!! It's been a long road.

We should note, the Prototype seen here is built from old parts, junk pulls, and beyond, and are not really representative of the final kit. But sssooooo happy to see it in the flesh!

Eric Ardros

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I know it's been about a year since anything's been posted here, but I was just wondering whatever happened with this kit?

Just managed to finally get my hands on a 1/350 Reliant conversion kit, would be great to add this one to the bunch :)
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