1/24 ATAT wip


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This is going to be a part of a larger diorama.

Thanks for looking.

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Re: 1:24 at-at. Wip

Awesome build, makes me want to through my AT-AT's in the garbage.
I'm sure you get asked every time you do a new project if you are going to kit it.
I would love one that size.


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Yet another fine build. I'm still going to try this at some point, but I have no idea when.
May the Force be With You!


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Looks great is that the big one Mike kitted?
looking forward to seeing what size speeder you
use if it includes them in the diorama.


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Really? Why don't you tell me again how I can cut .080 styrene with scissors?

Is that you AKA Kirktrekmodeler?

If so it would make sense only you would quote something
and then make a statement that makes no sense. Plus start
a possible flame in a building thread that is not even yours.:thumbsdown