1:1 Voldemort bust in silicone?


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Has anyone ever done a 1:1 bust of "He who must not be named" before?

To me, it sure seems like he'd be a great candidate.

1. Great skin tone
2. Cool teeth
3. Evil eyes
4. Nose like a snake (or something like that)
5. No hair to worry about (hair is always tricky on a 1:1 bust)




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I was just looking through the red skull mask thread by mrbungle, and was thinking he could probably do a pretty sweet voldemort.


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Have just started one guys. Ill have pics of one very very soon, Funnily enough with that exact expression. Just finishing up the ledger sculpt and a few other things and then this will have my full attention. Im very surprised this hasnt been tackled by a lot of sculptors all ready. I know a guy on the statueforum has one that looked pretty damn cool albeit with a blank expression

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Any further news on a Voldemort bust? I would have thought there would be heaps out there. Would love to buy one but having difficulties finding any.
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