1:1 Millennium Falcon Cockpit Replica - Group Build


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Awesome as usual! You never disappoint. I do have one question though. “Realistically” each of those greeblies on the exterior of the hull would serve a purpose or be attached to something inside. There are a lot of exposed mechanicals. Have you given any thought as to what they are or what they do? Sensors, cameras, outflow valves, etc...?
I think about the mechanicals of an aircraft and wonder what it would be like to crawl around with a screwdriver or wrench trying to troubleshoot an issue on the outside of these ships. Every greeble would have at least two fasteners holding it to the hull, so each was bolted on for some purpose, right?
But again. I LOVE IT! It’s like duct tape on top of bandaids on top of sheet metal covering bubble gum over plywood.
Hey C17,

Thanks! Believe it or not... every greeblie, pipe, and detail that I have added to the exterior of the ship I actually think "ok... this has to do something, right?" In reality (the ship's reality), all those greeblies wouldn't be as exposed as they are but the pilots stripped as much of the exterior armor plating as they could reduce weight. They did a lot of special modifications...

It would be great if someone took on the challenge to label each greeblie and add its function. That would be worth a "What a Piece of Junk" T Shirt! ;)


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I for one like it and think It's neat but with ALL of that detail, it looks like it would be a mile long. Can't wait to see the full scale one get rolling again.
Hey KD,

Thanks so much! You are correct... it does appear to be very long. All the sketches I've done of the complete ship only show about half of the main cockpit tube before we get to the familiar hamburger shaped body.

I'm really anxious to get back to the full scale build as well! There is a CNC with my name on it JUST waiting for me!


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I have thought the same thing, watching this build progress. I'm like "Greg is crudding this thing up!" or "What's the use of armour plating if most of your electrical conduits are on the outside of it?!"

The important thing to remember is that those details are for filming, not for real life function, the exception being Star Trek ship models(and I'm sure others). Model makers have to saturate the model with detail in the hopes it looks real on screen with lower definition.

The mothership from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is in the Air and Space Museum, is littered with small details that would never show up on screen. Included are details like street lights, a USPS mail drop box and R2-D2.
I couldn't have said it better myself. You are now my official spokesperson! ;)