1/1 David from Lost boys sculpt

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by bobbyc, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. bobbyc

    bobbyc Well-Known Member

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    Sculpture almost completed. one of my favorite charecters , this will be a silicon head with human hair glass eyes etc.
    finally got around to doing this. I really wanted it to have anger and emotion . Eddie Knappenberger did the proto teeth . this will have real clothes etc.
    I still have had a difficult time thinking of a cool base

    any ideas?
  2. allosaur176

    allosaur176 Sr Member

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    wow :eek Very cool :thumbsup Looks just like him
  3. Propazoid

    Propazoid Well-Known Member

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    That's bad-* Bobby.

  4. gnrlotto

    gnrlotto Sr Member

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    Dude, he could kick Jack Bauer's *.

    Anyway, for the base, maybe try something pier themed? The entire movie pretty much took place at the oceanside or the grandpa's house, so I'd extrapolate from there.
  5. zorg

    zorg Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    i beleive this pose was the ispiration for the "alex the vampire" kit

    what about doing a base like that?

    great job by the way :thumbsup

  6. 12Rogues

    12Rogues Well-Known Member

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    Unholy moly. That is incredible.

    You could hang it upside down in a corner of a room from a rod attached to both walls. Like when they spiked his friend in the cave.


    Maybe crouching on a railroad tie ready to pounce.
  7. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Incredible Job..

    Just watched the Movie again last week-end for the millionith time.
  8. GundamZeppelin

    GundamZeppelin Sr Member

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    amazing. :thumbsup :thumbsup
  9. bobbyc

    bobbyc Well-Known Member

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    Thanks guys , I really will put everyhting into this one.
    what a fun project.
    I think I will engrave some qoutes from the movie.
    in the base
  10. Montagar

    Montagar Legendary Member Community Staff

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    Awesome sculpt.

    ...some quotes...

    David: "Now you know what we are, now you know what you are. You'll never grow old, Michael, and you'll never die. But you must feed."

    Edgar Frog: "If you try to stop us, or vamp out in any way, I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it."

    Grandpa: "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the * vampires."

    Sam Emerson: "Don't kill me, Mike. I'm basically a good kid."

    Sam Emerson: "My own brother a ****, sh$t-sucking vampire. Oh, you wait 'til mom finds out buddy."

    Edgar Frog: "We're on the right trail. Flies and the undead go together like bullets and guns."

    Edgar Frog: "It's not our fault, they pulled a mind scramble on us. They opened their eyes and talked."

    Edgar Frog: "I think I should warn you all, when a vampire bites it, it's never a pretty sight. No two bloodsuckers go the same way. Some yell and scream, some go quietly, some explode, some implode, but all will try to take you with them."

    ...man there are just so many good ones... :D
  11. bobbyc

    bobbyc Well-Known Member

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    Definatly the David qoute. love that line.
  12. Montagar

    Montagar Legendary Member Community Staff

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    That would fit perfectly.
  13. SmilingOtter

    SmilingOtter Master Member

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    Most excellent work.

    Jack Bauer needs to show up at the beginning of the next season with his hair dyed blonde, sporting a black leather trenchcoat.

    Wait - that sounds like Spike... :)
  14. CTF

    CTF Sr Member

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    Bob, you are a sculpting and model-making machine. :D

    I love your work. Man, this brings back some memories. I first saw Lost Boys when I was 7... :lol
  15. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    Excellent. He had the coolest mullet ever. I think the hair is either gonna make or break this piece.
  16. allosaur176

    allosaur176 Sr Member

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    after looking at this pic for a long time :) I've come to the conclusion that I think the chin might be a bit too long... It looks great with the mouth open, but if you picture it closed, where the mouth line is, looks like there would be too much chin there..... Just my 2 cents

    I do love the sculpt though
  17. SHIMKO

    SHIMKO Well-Known Member

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    Great work Bob.
  18. bobbyc

    bobbyc Well-Known Member

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    when I have a bit more energy tomorrow I will double check it.
    shooting form a lower angle I think may be giving the illusion of being longer. I thought it was at first ,then went over it again and again. but one more time wont hurt I suppose.
    this sculpt is actaully difficult
  19. E2K13

    E2K13 New Member

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    It is coming along unbelievably.
    I can't wait to see it with the hair and all. It is going to be such a nice piece.
  20. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    agreed with the pointy chin remark above, its not much, just a tad tad bit "comic book joker" like. just... hell it might be the light.

    as far as the likeness, and the teeth, i gotta admit that is one of the best sculpts i have seen. the teeth are fantastic. the eyes are creepy enough by themselves. put them all together and you have one of the most dynamic posed busts i have ever seen.

    terrific sculpting job on this. thats coming from someone who cant stand this movie, so trust me, its high praise :)

    i have absolutely no idea for a base though. its one of the few times i have been totally stumped by something, but i am drawing a total blank. the only real memorable scene in the movie to me is either watching bill explode when he get staked, or the chinese food scene. neither of which lend themselves to a stand at all.

    again, terrific work. i can tell a lot of love (and fandom) went into this sculpt. it looks great.

  21. bobbyc

    bobbyc Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Chris your post is one of the finest I have recieved. thanks for taking the time . I guess it is one of the movies you love or hate.
  22. fettster

    fettster Sr Member

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    yet again, i am blown away be the sheer accuracy and quality of your work.

    Sutherland has a few distinctive features, ie the nose and ears and you have got them down perfectly, it is an unmistakable likeness.

    cant wait to see it finished.

    as for the base, maybe something themed from the theme park in the movie, like park of one of the rides with all the carnival airbrushinbg on it.
    does that make any sense?
  23. Chewie15

    Chewie15 Sr Member

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    Bobby, this kicks *...

    Can't wait to see the final...

  24. bobbyc

    bobbyc Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Howard . I really like this one allot, I thinkl I might do beast from Xmen next
    there are still some things I am not to happy with but I have to stop sometime.
    2nd guessing yourself. as you know from the darcula sculpt (wich is killer .)trying to add the prosthetics on with keeping the likeness can be difficult.
    Thanks for the compliment bro
  25. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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  26. kdawg1

    kdawg1 Sr Member

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    Wow this is sweet. I've got to try and sculpt something one day.

    Very very nice

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