1:1 ANH Vader upgrades updates


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Hey All,

Thought it might be okay to branch out of my collection showoff thread and show this guy on its own. (http://www.therpf.com/f9/collection-showoff-stargate-helmets-pg-10-a-83680/) I recently updated the helmet, so my display is now complete. Short of being offered a screenused Vader, I think I'm done with ANH.

Through my experience of gathering the parts for this guy, I found the vader guys to be very approachable. I think sometimes people confuse their arguments for psychoness rather than dedication. Special thanks to Vadermonkey who trusted me with the "crown" that adorns my display (and all the important other parts).

I had some issues getting the helmet to sit straight, it uses those 3M tabs making it almost impossible to put on. I don't know how those ILM people did it. I think it's pretty close to where it's supposed to be. I had to add some padding on the inside to get it to sit a bit higher. Nothing major...

Comments are welcome - I was thinking about moving vader into a different pose. I'm getting kind of tire of this one. Though, bending vader around takes time, something that seems I have very little of nowadays.

So here's my list of parts:

Helmet: TM ANH with ANH dome. (from Vadermonkey)
Chest armor: GH ANH (from Cookiemonster)
Chestbox: Screencast (from Vadermonkey)
Codpiece: from Vadermonkey
Leather 3 piece suit: made by TMP (from Germanbat)
Robe and capes: made by Rheinone (from Germanbat)
Belt: Gino boxes, red washers and aluminum knobs. Lights and mesh are original parts. (electronics installed), Real WWII belt (from Germanbat)
Boots: ebay
Shins: GT Shins from Vadermonkey
Gloves: from Darth Niob.
Mannequin: Poseable from Tom Spina

These are some "BEFORE" pictures to refresh people's memory:




Here's the display as it stands today. WOO HOO!




Hmm - In looking at the pics myself, I'm thinking... they don't look all that different. In person however, it's like night and day. I guess you'll just have to trust me... :)
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Thanks guys.. the kind words are appreciated. It wasn't that difficult to put it all together, but it did require doing all the research, and reading all the vader threads on the RPF and prop den.... After 3 or so years, I finally felt ready to really ask, specifically, for what I wanted. That way I could be efficient and not buy upgrade after upgrade after upgrade, which I feel is a waste of money sometimes.

Over the years, the only ANH overlaps that I ended up collecting... are now in the junkyard: http://www.therpf.com/f13/anh-vader-helmets-vader-overload-130475/#post1966056

Shameless plug! :angel

Simmon M

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You certainly did! An amazing display. I wish I could build something half as good looking as that. You should take a dimly lit picture with the lightsaber blade ignited ...


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Hi there,

Excellent display for an ANH Darth Vader. Except one tiny detail that may be off in my humble opinion though
. . . is he in fact holding an ESB MPP Replica MR FX lightsaber? :confused



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Yes, it would look that way, if those are little wires I see poking out near the emitter. That is an easy fix though. :lol Great job on the overall display!
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