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    Heavy Predator Wip

    Gotta give props for uniqueness! Never read of anyone using carpet of any kind. Nice to see folks using very "unconditional" (and in this field I use that term very loosely,as it's really anything goes) materials. Really like the look as well of the shoulder detail. Great job so far,can't wait...
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    My Predator Costume Fin , Won A Contest , 1St Great Hunt

    Awesome man congrats on finishing the suit and winning the contest! :thumbsup:
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    Type of Foam

    A buddy of mine has a mask he wants to foam fill and asked me what is in mine,as I haven't a clue I figured I would come here. What foam do most people use to fill a latex mask? He plans on wearing it,just wants to fill out the crown area of the head so it holds itself up. Any help would be much...
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    New Narin bio paint up

    Great job man,love the copper color trimming the edges really pops. Very well done!
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    Mr. Black Bio Paint up

    Nicely done man,I too think the bone looks amazing. Nice job weathering it,definitely has a realistic look to it.
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    Video Request

    Thanks for the link and download,neat to watch and I got the version with sound
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    Arizona Predators

    Definitely man,I am in the middle of building a custom suit of my own creation. Very Egyptian inspired. Once I get a little farther along will start posting in the WIP.
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    Arizona Predators

    Apparently I missed this thread,and was just lead here via Guan-thwei,have been living in the valley for just over 2years now living in the downtown area for a few more weeks but the wife and I are getting a house over in our friends little burb like 40th ave and north of baseline. I am a...
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    Video Request

    Any chance some of us other Predheads could get a copy of that? :D
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    Happy Birthday Munson!

    Happy Birthday man! Have a great one :)
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    After Con clean up

    From what i have read here mild soap water and let air dry. But I am sure there are other ways too.
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    Warlord Predator Suit (Update: Post #67)

    Congrats man thats pretty sweet!
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    Cleaning & trimming a mask

    Thanks much for the links,I searched apparently I just wasn't searching correctly lol. Will give the Dremel a try,need to get my monies worth out of this thing lol.
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    Cleaning & trimming a mask

    So I have searched the Lair for a good hour and a half and either I am not searching what I am looking for correctly or I am blind and just dont see it lol. Starting my first mask and was curious whats the best way to clean up the raw latex mask(the little nubs and flaps of latex around the...
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    Seriously great job,the colors pop nicely,and I love the horse! :)