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I've been a predator fan from the day i could walk. with the new predators movie i was just alittle disappointed the only reason though was because the new predators were suppose to be super predators, right?, so why weren't they a little bigger and more buff, like they should have been more intimidating. Anyway im still working on my costume for scaring the little trick-or-treaters lol and also the next comic-con if possible but my family is short on money at the moment. im going to modify my Celtic mask a little bit but not too much, ill post pics when im finished, im also trying and trying to start a punk band, any one my age and lives in Hollywood FL let me know if your interested in starting one too, im not a beach person but i live near the beach (ironic right). any how ill be posting some drawings and bits and peaces of my costume as i go. the story behind it is a predator that fought in nam (i have a tight budget so im working with what i can okay don't judge me) My pred and his tribe have been working with the humans since the start, the tribe was band from their home planet for plotting a mutiny against their dictator at the time ,who was later killed by my pred.He has hated war but lives to hunt and kill animals to help local human tribes of the northern Americas and Europe, he loves music and found an old acoustic guitar and plays it during his time alone.He normally likes to live in the mountains and forests in caves and tree tops.He some times hunts with local human hunters and studies their hunting tactics normally tisking at their loud guns and terrible stealth, he's also an artiest he sometimes paints on treas and cars out little animals from wood. I also am starting to get into djing but im not going to reveal all to much about me (identity theft man not a good thing). lol im just a fun guy who is very friendly. Oh and i love to wear masks yes i dont like my real face so i hide behind masks alot of the time (and no its not a fact that i have acne or yea i think thats how its spelled lol i just dont like my face is all).

my interests are, playing paintball, playing the bass guitar, sitting around doing absolutely nothing lol, going to concerts, riding my longboard, playing haloreach and avp, i like to chill and hang out with my friends, and finally going to the shooting rang with my pops, yep im interested in tuns of of stuff.
Feb 19, 1997 (Age: 27)
hollywood Florida