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    Mad Max: Fury Road Costume Thread

    Re: Mad Max: Fury Road Costumes Thread I know this thread is technically locked to Max now but I just wanted to point out that Valkyrie's rifle is the Rossi R92 16" .357 in Stainless Steel. (It was between the 20" and the 16" but proportionally it looks closer to the shorter carbine.) Also, I...
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    2015 North Texas Prop Party

    Damn you college, I'm actually in the North Texas area finally but school is happening. Maybe I'll be able to go in three years. Maybe I'll also have some decent props of my own by then. Thanks for always doing this Philip, you rock. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk
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    Question TheRPF via Tapatalk (answered)

    Is XenForo a paid app? I ended up buying the Tapatalk app for this and two other forums (including FIRST Robotics) so I'm a bit bummed if I have to pay more. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk
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    Face Off - Season 7

    Ultra super necro post since the marathon is on: Laura was on Mockingjay as well. I think Ve uses this show as her own talent farm. Looking forward to the new coach-style game next season.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens I'm fine with calling it a ridiculously unstable tracking shot. The stability is the entire issue, and I think we refer to it as "shaky cam" because it looks like Michael J Fox or my great grandmother is holding the camera.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Well now I'm even less excited about the film. With it stabilized, which it definitely won't be in the final product, it looks like proper Star Wars. :cry EDIT: I haven't even said what I did and didn't like. Liked: So many practical effects little touches...
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    The Force Awakens Stromtrooper Blaster Disscusion Thread

    After watching the trailer and Mockingjay Part 1 nearly back to back, I don't like the white accents because it looks too Peacekeeper-y, which is a problem because the Peacekeepers are shoddy stormtrooper ripoffs.
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    SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay

    I have only one hope for this season and that's Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter being on TV again. His girlfriend Meg Turney (former cohost of SourceFed and slated host for Immersion Season 2 until she started dating Gav) is one of the new cosplayers. Otherwise this show is just...
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    Titanfall (game)

    Once the PC price drops a bit, I'm getting this. I played the beta and despite the graphics loading incorrectly (don't play this with an integrated Intel graphics card) it was the most fun I've had in a game recently, and usually I hate online multiplayer and am bad at FPSs. I also really want...
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    The Walking Dead Season 4

    Back from my hiatus here to say: that was the most emotionally draining episode of this show I've ever watched. Scott Gimble is the best thing to happen to this show, and I second McBride needing an Emmy after this.
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    Rivendell Elf-inspired Dresses for Ren Fest

    For mom's, we basically combined parts of the chase dress, the battle dress, and whatever embroidery she felt like doing, plus some buttons and various gubbins she bought. I let her do whatever she felt like because at this point we were so far away from the starting point of "Rivendell elves"...
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    Rivendell Elf-inspired Dresses for Ren Fest

    Thanks Guri! Yeah, seeing as this is the Replica Prop Forum, it makes sense that there's not much "original" around here. Maybe next year I'll be able to start something that fits better, since I've practiced on my own designs first. Anyways, following from where I left off on my green dress...
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    Rivendell Elf-inspired Dresses for Ren Fest

    Alright, finally, the other two are done. We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and got second place (Decipio was trapped in Michigan and unable to join). I will have a full write-up with pictures tomorrow for the other two dresses, but in the mean time here's a shot from during the contest...
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    Rivendell Elf-inspired Dresses for Ren Fest

    Petal sleeve muslin is taking a bit more work than I thought, since getting it to fall open properly takes a rather precise shape that we haven't found yet. Also, we got the fabric for Mom's red dress, which doesn't have a sketch as of yet, but she also has matching red boots now. In the mean...
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    Hylian Shield Build Log

    Okay, finally, those images show up now. Took forever and a day but it's done. Now I need to actually work on Version 3.