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    Of course, when gluing the two dome hemispheres together there's never a perfect match fit at the seam. There's a little misalignment by half a millimeter here and there around the circumference. I found the best native alignment I could to minimize the minor misalignments and then made sure to mark that orientation so that I could map out my 45-degree sector marks and have it all fit together again when it came to final gluing. I did feel some minor registration marks that seem to be molded into the domes, but I ignored those and even sanded both edges flat and smooth to get as close a fit as I could. Advantageously, the 15-minute epoxy that I used to do the actual final gluing effectively created it's own gap filler, so all I had to do when it was all set was to rough sand to take all the edges and extruded epoxy off and then smooth sand to finish. There was one small section of an inch or two where thought maybe there might still be a bit of a seam so I ran some Elmer's white wood putty filler across that and smooth sanded again. I did a test when done of just closing my eyes and running my hands around the sphere randomly to see if I could locate the seam by feel. Each time I thought I had it it turned out to be just a minor scratch at some higher latitude - I never could locate it by feel. And it looks to have held up nicely when painted - nice and smooth!

    I cut the holes for the rims by hand, effectively. I drilled pilot holes at the marked centers just large enough to fit my Dremel cylindrical grinder bits into (I didn't want to run the risk of messing up the holes with bigger drill bits that I found tend to 'grab' at times and make rough, almost cracked holes). I then Dremel ground to within about a half millimeter of the measured and marked circles that matched the truck rim. For the final fit I just hand-sanded the holes to final fit, checking along the way with test fits of one of the truck rims until they slid in just right. The final holes were very smooth and perfectly round - it's amazing what you can do by hand.

    When it came to the final gluing in place of the truck rims I found that I had to sand the rims themselves a bit to fit exactly perfectly with the glue applied. I had one scare with one of the rims where it locked up about half way into the hole with the glue on it - I had to pry it back out with pliers and reset everything. Thankfully, I was able to rescue it and get it to fit in just fine, but it was a stressful close call.

    Another pointer is that the styrene sheet for the annuli around the rims is rather smooth and I found that I got a better surface for gluing the tank wheels and u-brackets by slightly roughening the surface in those spots with very fine grit sandpaper.

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    Great tips! I will keep all of this in mind for whenever I stop being lazy and build mine.
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    One of my unicorn props!!!

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