Zulu predator part 2 (photo's armor added)

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OK I thougth the build would become a hybrid in which a predator and another race would be mixed. But I went back to the drawing board and simplified the idea. That is why I put it on the Overall Work in Progress.
Some parts of the armor which were a part of the Zulu pred part 1 have been changed, some are still in planning. After the first latex molds and ideas I got the latex-pour-vibe now.
Some parts are ready some are still in the planning


The 4 above and the long latex part are the first pulls. Thet will be used as chestarmor and the top and middle will be linked withshoe-laces. The 2 parts will be linked to each other with a elastic, just as a bra. (Got the idea from the clothesline of my neighbours. :) ) and the top will be made outof some black cloth. I poured also one middle part which will be used as crotchflap, the long latex part will be clipped in 2 and will be linked at the crotchflap as adornement.
For size the 2 traingle parts are for the knees, the rond dots which are at the side will be cut in which some long black hais (the wig which is also on one of the foto's) will be put in. You get the style of the legarmor of Zulus


The backarmor + an alien looking dried fruit, an odd shaped branch and 2 parts which will be the opening flaps of 1 of the gauntlets (the bom part)


armor for the arms (1 part has to be cut into a smalle piece, and the upperleg armor


the wig for the leg zulu armor, the boots


Still have to choose which helmet I will use. I think I'll use the alienone, but I have to cut an opening in the mouthpart and put some fine mesh beneath the opening.

The next one will show you the swords + claymores and there will be no plasma gun! But a cool stack of skulls. Also the medkit will be totally different, because it will hold a scroll written in yautja and english.

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I have gathered a" few " skulls & bones and made 2 swords with it.
I have a few plans for them.


1e plan The swords will get a few more skulls&bones. So they look more ancient and better
2e The long skull will be used as handles for the scroll. The scroll will be places in a sort of medpack, and you will see the skull.
3e from one of the bones which lay horizontal a pen will be made, don't know how, but it will work.


1e the 2 skulls at the left top will be on the place of the plasma gun. The bobcat and the monkey
2e the middle skulls (not all of them) will be placed on or near the belt.
3e the vampire skull I don't know.. I'll see when the pack is ready
4e the goat skull will be on the medpack and some of the birdskulls
5e 1 or 3 birdskulls will be on the neckpiece
6e other skulls can be (not sure, I'll see when I'm building the costume) on the chestpiece.

The predator will be a priest, because he is carrying the scroll. That is also the reason why he has only 2 swords and a few claymores as weapons. He is an old warrior, skilled for many many decades in hunts. Who found his piece in carrying the scroll.

Later on I will make photo's of the scroll, and photo's of the torso and arms, and gauntlets.
The blades of the gauntlets will be different 2. They will look like 2 big hooks.


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A small but unexpected knife will be placed on the inside of the arm of the Priest

The opening will look like the opening of an old shaving knife, and the knife will be on a tumbring.
It will be used only in close combat. And the knife will be sheated by a metal sheat which will be fastned on the inside of the arm and linked to the ring.

Also new upperlegarmor will be casted and a piece which will be also a part of the crotchflap. I made the mold yesterday. Now it is waiting when the latex will arrive.


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Now the pouring of the armor can begin, got almost 2 gallon liquid latex + permawet.

A new kind of
1. thigharmor will be poured
2. upperarm armor
3. shoulderarmor
4. beltbuckle
5. bio extra's
6. backpack extra's
7. gaunlet parts

I'll be back....... with photo's



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All standard armor will change!
I have made for scratch and liquid latex a totally different thigharmor. Same with the armor od the upperarm and shoulderarmor. Also the "necklace" will differ (got a great idea when I went to a shop of gold and silver.)
Even the gloves will be different.
The only thing which will stay almost the same is the neckpiece. Tomorrow I will dress up my dummy with skin armor ect and make photo's. This is gonna be a cool predatorpriest.


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OK I have partly ducktaped the armor chest, shoulder and arm, beltarmor and thigth and knee. (which is poured and dried up) on the model. Belt will eb added later on. Also the straps fro the chestarmor.

Still thinking if I shoud reduce the thigtharmor or not.



The feet will partly be covered with black long hair (Zulu style). And feet are the boots. The alienlike bio will be used.
So what do you think?

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I'm really liking the armor-it's unique and every hunter is unique. So, the armor is "Zulu" inspired? What parts of the Zulu did you use to inspire it? Just curious because I'm try come up with an armor scheme for my character, which is based around the Inca culture.

The thigh armor looks good, not too much yet just enough. What color scheme are you going with?

Keep up the great work, I can wait until it's finished.


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Was looking for a new colour for the armor. The P1 is good P2 also, but still I miss something.
Ok Uratz your paint combo's are way cool. But still I choose another one, I know I can get the odd ingredients to make it. But the chance that the paint will flake of or that the latex will be harmed are very possible. (quite handy when you work in a lab)
It will be airbrushed in the colour old and oxidized copper. The proper oxidized copper is to bland, that's why it will look older and have some strange colours 2.

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