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At first I was thinking "WTF, really?" but upon reading the description of the film, this seems to be a sort of prequel to the Antonio Bandares film - not a deliberate prequel mind you, but since that movie was basically a passing of the torch plotline, this film is centered on the actual origin of the real Zorro.
If they give it a serious dark edge, I could see it being a good film
We will see...
Two bits! Four bits!
Six bits a peso!
All for Zorro, stand up and say so!

I'm not opposed to another telling, there have been plenty before now.
Zorro Theme Song - YouTube

I love the repeats of this was when I was kid, the song was amazing.

Matt Wagner rebooted the comic a while back and it was solid. I imagine the new series of novels might serve some inspiration.
Zorro has been turned into a squeaky clean good guy. Give him the villian desire and base him directly off the Joaquin Murrieta persona, gritty and real then ill watch it. If its another bubble gum joke, why bother.
I remember when Robert Rodriguez was doing this at Dreamworks and that script he was was nothing short of a bloodbath. Predictable, but way less family friendly. I remember one scene where Zorro goes up against a knife thrower and Zorro grabs the daggers, swords and knives from the air as they are coming at him and lobbs them right back - both start looking like pin cushions as the fight keeps going.
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