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So a little while ago I got the idea to build a Zelda Master Sword. However, there is an added twist. I want this sword to be functional for play fighting (LARP for example). My end goal is to use it in a video where two people will be fighting each other. Its meant to be a comedy, so realism is not as big a factor.

As such, my idea is to use a Nerf Marauder sword as the base, since it already greatly resembles the swords blade, and build the rest on it to turn it into the Master Sword.

I wanted to get some advice on how I could build on the sword. I think I have decided to try and sculpt the guard out of clay, and then maybe mold it into something else. Not sure, never done anything like this before. Also, to make it as accurate as possible, I need to extend the handle somewhat. I am unsure how I will do this and still maintain a sturdy nature so it can handle use.

Any and all advice would be very helpful. Below is the starting Nerf base.

I'll be watching this with interest, especially since my character uses swords and I had no idea these existed.
Yeah I considered that. I came across one in the store where I got the sword, but I didn't really think it would work. The center is plastic, but the edges are really cheap foam. I don't think it would work as a base either. For the shield, I'm thinking Pepakura and then hardening it and modifying from there.
Sorry it's taken me a little while to post up on my progress. Been busy with work and all and I just keeping forgetting. Also no pics this time, but later for sure.

So I have gone with a different approach for the hilt of the sword. I decided rather than mold it from scratch with clay, I am sculpting it out of foam. I will then use this product I found called Magikote to give the foam a smooth surface so I can then make a cast of it for molding. There is still a lot I need to figure out, but right now I am just taken it step by step. The basic shape of the hilt is already cut out, so I am going to attempt to sculpt some of the finer details this weekend. Wish me luck! =)
So yet another long period between updates, but work often causes these problems. I have the finished hilt guard sculpted out of styrofoam with the details as best as I am going to get them right now finished. The MagiKote stuff really works well, makes the foam very sturdy and hard. However, it does not produce the smoothness I would have hoped. So I am going to attempt to sand down the roughness and see if that works.

After this I am going to mold it. This is my first time doing this, so I did my research and this is the rough process I am going with. I am going to make half the mold out of air-dry clay, with keys and then let that dry. Then I'm going to coat it in like a wax release and build the second half on top of it out of more clay. The reason I am not using Silicone Rubber is because I have been unable to find it locally, and I have kinda set a time limit on when I want this all done. Then once the mold is all finished I am going to use a Fiberglass Resin and hardener to fill it in. However, I am using this without actual Fiberglass mat, but my theory is that it should still work fine. Now how it will take paint or where the process will go from there...is a mystery. =)
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