Zelda Costume: Updated 10-31 ( Plus, Solid Snake cameo)


So, I'm helping my girlfriend with her Zelda costume for Halloween. I know next to nothing about sewing, but I do know a few things about adhesives, so I volunteered my services to help make this complex project. Also, I'm not even really sure what you'd call it, but it's the thing attached to her waist. I'm calling it a "waist tabard" belt thing to keep life simple. But, if you know the proper name, let me know...!


I really liked the intricate design of the first, but knew that was beyond my time limit with my patience threshold. So, we decided to blend the two. This is the quickie design we decided on in Illustrator. It's just printed on normal bond paper from an oversize plotter. The dimensions on the piece is 28x8


The red-ish/pink/purple kind of material was cotton, which worked great with the fabric glue we used on this. But, I soon realized that the more silky materials we'd chosen wouldn't bend or adhere as well to each other, so we had to print the pattern again on cardstock to adhere around it.


Also found out that ironed paper against the fabric would let it kind of stick to the fabric a bit because of the toner, which was nice for getting it to stay in place.

I then folded the pieces over after cutting them to allow it to overlap and glued it to the card stock and then ironed it down to make the glue adhere quicker. The card stock also helped lower the amount of bleed-thru we saw with being possibly too generous with the fabric glue.


The "finished" product so far looks like this. Probably going to be adding a kind of belt loop thing on the back to allow for it to the attached at the waist with whatever we decide to finish it off with.

We actually went way over budget with this since we weren't sure how much of each material we needed so we bought a yard of each--which we have enough to make probably 4 more of these. x-x;;

Also, these pieces are not glued in place yet, if you're wondering since certain parts are crooked.

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Re: Zelda Costume - Waist Tabard

LOVE the Legend of Zelda games, this looks great. Can't wait to see the whole costume.


Thanks. Slowly working on the rest. Hoping to have it mostly finished with some time before Halloween. :lol Also, I guess, I should probably work on finishing up my own costume soon. Going as Solid Snake--well, as close as I can get on short notice since it became clear I couldn't finish my Iron Man build in time. heh

Looks great! I did a Super Smash Bro's version of Zelda a few years back! Was alot of fun :)!

Thanks. Smash Bros. is probably her favorite game. She destroys all with Sheik--but she wanted to dress up as something a bit more obviously girly.

I like the way the design came out..looks great..can't wait to see pics of your progress

Thanks. I didn't even think to take any pictures of this til I was mostly done. Hopefully I'll take better progress photos this weekend when we kinda finish the stuff up.
Re: Zelda Costume - Waist Tabard

Love the costumes from the Zelda games, and you guys did a great job on that! Can't wait to see it all finished! You'll have to upload pics from the two of you at Halloween, too! Zelda and Snake.. who knew, eh?
Re: Zelda Costume - Waist Tabard

Love the costumes from the Zelda games, and you guys did a great job on that! Can't wait to see it all finished! You'll have to upload pics from the two of you at Halloween, too! Zelda and Snake.. who knew, eh?

Thanks. Yeah, the idea of Zelda and Snake was just cause there was no way I'd dress up as Link, and not enough time to make a Ganondorf armor. :lol
Re: Zelda Costume - Waist Tabard

I've got roughly 2 days to finish this off AND my own costume. Kinda stressed, but in a good way.

We kinda cheaped out on the chest piece. It's just cardboard with fabric over it. Same thing with the Triforce pieces.

I swear this isn't a bat symbol. This will eventually turn out to be the crown piece. But, here it is in my shed, drying with resin on it.

The shoulders are made of cardboard and since I was over at her place while I was making them, I was limited to scotch tape to keep it together. As we all know, but I cared to completely ignore, resin and tape is a terrible combo. Soooo, these are covered in powder to get rid of the stickiness.


Smoothed out and waiting for some touch-up spots to dry before I start on the details.

And, the nerf sword I'm working on to make it more Zelda-y. Just so you know, whatever kind of foam these are made of really loves painter's tape. Kinda scuffed up a lot of the parts I was masking to begin with. So, you may wanna do a top coat of epoxy paint first, or something of the like.
Re: Zelda Costume: Updated 10-24

Had to scramble to get the pieces done, but it's basically a done deal now. It'll work for a Halloween Party, anyway.

I realize basically everything in this build is inaccurate, and I may revisit it when I have some more time (like, more than a week and a half. :lol ).

The tiara/crown is held together with some trim we found from the fabric store. It was about $1 a yard.

The sword is coated in an epoxy enamel spray paint and then the metallic spray paint was applied ontop of that. Jewels from the fabric store and from Target were added to cover the more "techno/future" parts of the sword.

The shoulders, coated in the enamel as a base coat and then covered with the metallic gold paint. I fairly crude system of holding it in place with some hot glue and more trim. The symbols on the shoulders are buttons we found at Wal-Mart for $1 each. I cut off the button part that protrudes and super-glued it in place.

We'll have pictures of how the whole thing looks put together by Sunday. So hopefully I'll have something updated by then.
Re: Zelda Costume: Updated 10-27

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. We finished the costumes, and had a good time at the party. We didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but I did have my phone with me at the event, so we at least got those. We also handed out candy tonight, but obviously no one knew who we were supposed to be. Kids these days... sigh. :lol

Anyway, here's how it turned out. Also, I had an idea I should have had to start with to use nylon hot-glued to the inside of the shoulders to keep them in place. It worked great.



And, just for good measure, here's me as Snake. Not bad for only spending around $40 for my own costume (since I had most of the pieces sitting around already).

Aaaawwwwww maaann!...you got me..I was really expecting you to be Link! LOL but you sneaked in a snake costume..great job

lol, yeah. Link was the obvious choice, but I couldn't see myself in green with elf ears... Ganondorf was my next choice, but I was pressed for time, so Snake was the quick, kinda-easy choice. :lol
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