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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by mojorising, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. mojorising

    mojorising New Member

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    Hi all, been awhile since I was here last.

    I would like to know what everyones dream suit would be from any film/comic etc. I mean full size suits, be it armor, foam latex etc. It could also be lifesize display.

    What do you guys think?
  2. CTF

    CTF Sr Member

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    Only one? :lol

    Hmm, probably ANH Vader (iconic).

    Indy from Raiders or TLC (but I'm doing that anyway).

    Sauron (scare the crap out of anyone entering my house and it's so darn cool.)

    A screen-used Superman Returns costume (I love it, but I'm still waiting to be bashed. :p).

    One of the ETs from Bad Taste.

    - Callum
  3. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Godzilla. No question.
  4. SithLord

    SithLord Sr Member

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    drumroll.......ANH Vader :rolleyes

    Runners up....original Alien suit, 2001 Space Odessey suit, Gort suit, Witch King suit, Domo-Kun suit....
  5. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Sr Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(CessnaDriver @ Apr 27 2006, 07:49 PM) [snapback]1234528[/snapback]</div>
    That would be cool :)
  6. steveo

    steveo Sr Member

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    Boushh - hands down for me.
  7. TomSpinaDesigns

    TomSpinaDesigns Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    screen used Muftak.


  8. E2K13

    E2K13 New Member

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    I would love to have a screen used 7th Samurai costume.
  9. The Wook

    The Wook Master Member

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    No shocker here. ESB Chewie.

    The Wook

    FETTCLONE Well-Known Member

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    ANH stormtrooper. Every time.
  11. RedTwoX

    RedTwoX Sr Member

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    It's already been mentioned twice and will probably be mentioned many more times:

    ANH Darth Vader

    I also want a Stormtrooper, and I'll most likely have one before I have a Vader.
  12. AlderaanGirl

    AlderaanGirl Well-Known Member

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    Boushh for me too. B)

    I've been working on my own. I've always loved this costume. Now I have taken a whole new appreciation for it, since I've been working on it. Its become my favorite costume.

    Of course, having a life size Vader for display would be awesome. But then again...if it wasn't a costume a Han in carbonite would be way cool to have on display.
  13. Predatormv

    Predatormv Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Hmm... So many choices.

    ESB Vader
    ESB Fett
    SE Wampa
    P1 Predator

    I think those are the tops of my list.
  14. Darth Detori

    Darth Detori Well-Known Member

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    Batman Begins suit
    Sauron's Armor
    Witchking Costume
  15. JHVanOphem

    JHVanOphem Well-Known Member

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    X-Wing pilot
  16. SHalamar

    SHalamar Well-Known Member

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    Vader. 'nuff said. Currently in the works.

  17. TK-Fett

    TK-Fett Well-Known Member

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    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a super accurate SE Fett suit, which I will have before halloween but that is my super dream.
  18. Ghost Host

    Ghost Host Sr Member

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    Probably in this order of desire:

    1. original Robby the Robot
    2. ANH Darth Vader
    3. Kerwin Mathews' Sinbad costume (the white one with red decoration on shirt) from 7th Voyage of Sinbad
    4. Torin Thatcher's black robe/costume from 7th Voyage of Sinbad
    5. Gen. Ursus' complete costume from Beneath the Planet of the Apes
    6. bronze cylon costume
    7. Klytus costume from Flash Gordon
    8. Mongo (skull-face) guard from Flash Gordon

    Edit: thought of 2 more...

    9. Sauron
    10. Goldar from Space Giants
  19. JKolton

    JKolton Well-Known Member

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    Daft Punk. :D


  20. Indy_Solo

    Indy_Solo New Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Ghost Host @ Apr 27 2006, 09:57 PM) [snapback]1234629[/snapback]</div>
    "From the land beyond beyond...
    From the world past hope and fear...
    I bid you genie, now appear." 7th Voyage is an all time favorite movie.

    Here's my list: :thumbsup

    1. Original Bruce Lee yellow track suit and nunchucks from "Game of Death" with Kareem Abdul Jabbar's foot print.
    2. Original Chow Yun Fat white bloodied suit from "The Killer"
    3. Original Clint Eastwood full poncho, costume, and gear from "The Good, Bad, and the Ugly"
    4. Original Indy ROTLA costume
    5. Original Han Solo ANH costume
    6. Original ANH Vader costume
    7. Original 1966 Batman and Robin costume
    8. Original Bruce Lee Kato costume
    9. Original Chris Reeves' Superman costume
    10. Original Spider-man 2 costume
  21. Sporak

    Sporak Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Spock's WOK Uniform (screen used)
    Professor Fate's Tophat ;)
  22. GundamZeppelin

    GundamZeppelin Sr Member

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    1.RX-93-2 (RX-93-ν-2) Hi-ν Gundam A.K.A Hi Nu Gundam [​IMG]
    2.Spider man (The stuff that dreams are made of) [​IMG]
    4.Iron man
    5.moon knight
    6.all 4 vader suits
    7.E.S.B boba fett and R.O.T.J
    8. Gyver
    9.Bruce lee's J.K.D track suit
    10. A.N.H trooper
    theres to many to list so i wil end it at ten
    because i am an american i can do that :lol
  23. HDPE

    HDPE Well-Known Member

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    Empire: original ESB stormtrooper

    Rebels: original ESB Han Hoth outfit
  24. Sr Member

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    ORIGINAL Metropolis robot suit

    ORIGINAL tesb Fett
    ORIGINAL Armageddon spacesuit

  25. knightdriver2001

    knightdriver2001 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    How about a perfectly detailed

    Robocop suit.

    Other choices for me would be:

    Alien (Cameron version)
  26. Qui-Gonzalez

    Qui-Gonzalez Master Member

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    I guess by dream suit, you mean one only, so mine is ESB Vader. If I could choose another, even though I am nowhere near tall enough to pull it off, I would choose the RotJ Chewbacca.
  27. Sanjuro

    Sanjuro New Member

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    Hmmm.. Probably an accurate "Batman" suit from the first Keaton Film or the last "Begins" film.

    However for the last couple of years I've been working on an authentically detailed George Lucas fat suit. :unsure
  28. StarWars Collector

    StarWars Collector Well-Known Member

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    There's no doubt whatsoever.

    ESB Stormtrooper armor. :thumbsup
  29. SmilingOtter

    SmilingOtter Master Member

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    William Wallce's "going to pick a fight" outfit.
  30. mtsbspidey

    mtsbspidey Well-Known Member

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    "Daft Punk."

    good choice...* good choice...

    but i'm with dream suit would have to be of the mobile variety...probably one from f91...easily my favorite designs....skott
  31. Gytheran

    Gytheran Sr Member

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    er... um... Boushh... :p
  32. goldenage

    goldenage Well-Known Member

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    A Giorgio Armani Charcoal Gray Black Label Cashmere
  33. X3RO_SHIF7

    X3RO_SHIF7 Well-Known Member

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    Spiderman Movie suit FTW
  34. shmeagol

    shmeagol New Member

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    Easterling Armor from LOTR: TTT
    ESB and ROTJ Fett
    ANH and ESB Trooper
    ANH Vader
    ROTS Anakin
    Hogwarts School Robes - Hufflepuff
  35. SPDOmegaRanger

    SPDOmegaRanger Well-Known Member

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    hmm lets see

    1.M.A.N.T.I.S(Picture taken by the mantis)
    2.The Buzz(Comic book hero from spidergirl comic)
    3.Black Spiderman suit( the black version of spiderman movie costume)
    4.MC2 Spiderman(Comic hero from spidergirl comic)
    5.Batman begins
    6.Kamen Rider Kuwaga(Japan hero)
    7.Green Goblin
    8.Movie Style Scarlet spider
    9.The Hood(Character from batman comic, during paul valley saga)
    10.SPDOmegaRanger (my name sake lol)
  36. Talisen

    Talisen Sr Member

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    1-Buzz Lightyear
    2-Rocketeer (got the helmet, working towards the rocketpack)
    3-Iron Man (Silver Centurion version)
    4-Wolverine (one of the movie suits) - have claws and dogtag
    5-Batman ('89) - have the weapons
    6-Sandtrooper - have armour needs trimming
    7-ANH Vader (um, I have tusks)

    and I have a Colonial Viper pilot suit (TOS) in the works now.
  37. yakcam

    yakcam Sr Member

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    Well, I think I'm going to be boring and say.......

    1. ANH Vader
    2. ANH Stormie
    3. ESB Vader
    4. ESB Stormie
    5. ROTJ......... I think you can guess the next 2.

    7. Aliens suit
    8. Aliens Colonial Marine armour
    9. Predator
    10. ANH TIE pilot

    Oh and Slave Leia :lol


  38. Lawgiver

    Lawgiver Well-Known Member

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    5th Element Mondoshawan

    5th Element Police

    Dune Stillsuit

    Judge Dredd

    Judge Hunter

    GQ Pig Lizard

    GQ General Sarris

    Necromonger All
  39. Tol Skorr

    Tol Skorr New Member

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    For obvious reasons, a Tol Skorr (SW Republic series) suit. Been trying to get around to making it but no time.
  40. Houston Robocop

    Houston Robocop Well-Known Member

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    That's easy.....

    1. ROBOCOP "First Movie version" (WIP)

    2. T2 ENDOSKELETON (don't have the cash for one yet)

    3. Kikaider "Live action TV version" (Haven't start on it yet)


    5. GUYVER "Movie Version" (I have the head, just need everything else)

    6. ROTJ DARTH VADER (Got the helmet and all the armor, just need everything else)

    7. Cylon "BSG-TOS version" (Got the helmet and armor, jut need to make everything else)

    8. Ultraman A-Type (Got the mask, need to make the chest timer and body suit)

    9. Buck Rogers "Erin Gray" Starfighter costume (WIP)

    10. June the Swan costume from Gotchaman "OVA version"

    Nick :D
  41. TK709

    TK709 New Member

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  42. eaviii

    eaviii Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    ABC Warrior robot or ED209-

    Godzilla and Mondoshawan both superb calls as well-
    When I read the title only I thought you meant dress suit- Orange tux from "Dumb and Dumber" came to mind- You're gona like the way you look.

  43. brin

    brin Well-Known Member

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    1. Turboman
    2. Hero at Large, Captain Avenger (John Ritter movie)
    I have 2 of the screen used visors but now I need the suit.
  44. steveo

    steveo Sr Member

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    Since everyone else has more than 1, I'd like to add:

    Jabba the Hutt

  45. TK1536

    TK1536 Sr Member

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    Dune Stillsuit
  46. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    1. Hakaider
    2. Guyver
    3. Zeiram
  47. Henry Wayne

    Henry Wayne Active Member

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    1. Batman Forever Panther Suit

    2. 89 Batman Suit

    3. Batman Sonar Suit

    4. Spiderman 2

    5. Darth Vader
  48. moztech

    moztech Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    1. Joe Pineapples (ABC Warrior)
    2. ANH Stormtrooper
    3. War Machine
    4. ANH Vader
    5. Judge Dread (Comic)
    6. Rogue Trooper
    7. Ghost Rider
    8. Spawn (Standard)
    9. Sauron
    10. Gondorian Armor
  49. sideswipe1984

    sideswipe1984 New Member

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    Tough one. My top 4 choices would be (In no particular order):

    1)Screen-used Luke Bespin outfit/props
    2)ESB Vader
    3)1989 Batman Costume
    4)1995 BF Robin Costume
  50. Rotwang

    Rotwang Sr Member

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    As Ketzer said, the Metropolis robot.

    Dunno what else to pick anyway.

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