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Alright So I am going to do this story and basically am gonna make it up as we go gonna have the polls up to decide if you want to go where majority wins. Thought this would be a fun little thread for people to read. I will make the second part longer so you don't jump on this and be like wtf this is a rip off. By the way I hope this doesn't come off to people as another OMG ANOTHER ******* USLESS THREAD. I put some thought into this, and I think members will enjoy it xD. Infact scratch ima make it up as we go along I already have a plan where this is going.

Japan- 100 miles away from civilization. You are a writer who has traveled to a rural area of japan. You have heard this place has a creepy atmosphere and have come here for inspiration. You have internet set up in your cabin, a flashlight, a gun, a machete, you dog "rottweiler" and a satellite phone. No one should be at your cabin as it is away from civilization. You hear a scream from out side and screaming in a language you can not understand.

1. Go out there and check for yourself.

2. Pretend like you didn't hear **** and continue typing out your story.

Poll will stay up till Saturday Night.

Wait this isn't predator related.. hmm movie it into the right section mods, or I can incorporate him in here somewhere haha.


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…..Creepy rural area in Japan with a reputation, would this happen to be in that infamous forested area in Japan? :D Damn!
I’ll stay inside …sorry
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