Yet more weathered grenade bodies

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Darth Lars, Feb 8, 2006.

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    I hope you are not tired of seeing Obi-Wan grenades.. :D

    Natural light: (The clamps and stems are just place-holders)

    Flash + sunlight:

    The biggest inaccuracy with Parks grenades is the first step. I hand-filed the edge down on both grenades. It took surprisingly little effort to get a large difference. However, doing just a little bit more took just as much time. Then came a lot of sandpaper of increasing grit.
    I think I did give both grenades maybe a little bit too much edge wear using a round file on the grooves. I also filed down some of the machining marks using a triangular file.

    I wanted to give the black grenade the look of antique blued steel. I have a few antique items and I just love the luster and look of translucency in them.
    The black grenade was cold-blued a couple of times, using cheap liquid from Hoppes. I then sprayed it with some old automotive rust-protection spray which had black pigment in it. I then wiped that off and degreased it - and the rusted parts were now black. It was given a layer of gloss clearcoat, which dulled the luster of the cold blue a bit unfortunately. I will give it more layers later. What looks like corner wear on the bluing is actually corner wear before blueing reflecting light in another angle. :unsure

    The rusted grenade took a few tries and it was mostly experimentation. I wanted a look almost like MR's painted grenade - dark brown, but still looking real.
    Eventually, I soaked the grenade in a blend of 1) a teaspoon of cold bluing liquid, 2) a teaspoon of brown fabric dye, 2) half a cup of coffee. 3) halv a cup of vinegar. I don't know which ingredients actually made any difference. :lol
    That made the steel gray. I then sprayed it with ammonia and let it sit overnight in a jar of ammonia fumes. I brushed off the surface rust with a toothbrush and did it all over again.
    I had heard a rumor that hot steam would produce a type of rust that is harder than regular rust, so I also put the grenade in a kitchen steamer, alternating with the oven to get rid of condensation. I think the steaming might have turned the gray steel more brown, but that might just be my imagination. The surface pitting was created in earlier experiments...

    I have not sealed the surface of the rusty grenade. I would like a method that would keep the luster of the gray steel and the matt-ness of the brown rust. Any ideas?
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    Good Job..

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    those look really good. Thanks for providing the "how they got that way".
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    Beautiful work....

    I never really had an appreciation for this piece until I registered here.

    It really is quite lovely.

    Does Roman make an accurate greande? I have one of his....:)
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    Nice can be tricky to weather this saber in a 'pretty' fashion, but your grenade is a good start.
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    Those are perfect and just what I needed to start working on my own. :)

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    Thanks for the compliments. Something convenient was that the "gear" screws into the bottom of the grenade, so I used them as handled when working with them.

    Roman's grenade is much more accurate shape-wise, but the grenade is aluminum and can not be weathered this way.
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    There are ways and means of getting an aluminium grenade to look good. Tough to get them looking like yours, but not at all hard to get them looking like an MR saber, and not much harder to get them looking even better than the MR.
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    These boosters are aluminum weathered with Alumi-Black. :p


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