yet another Mal gun

Prop Runner

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For scratch-builds, those are great. I think you'll find on this forum that no matter how accurate you think a replica is, someone will ALWAYS claim theirs is more. Everyone - including myself - is a critic. :p so don't be offended or discouraged when somebody tells you this or that is wrong and needs to be changed.

The fun part of all that is challenging yourself to improve your own references, interpretations, tools, and modeling skills by watching and learning from the pros and veteran hobbyists who post here.

And welcome to the board. :D

- Gabe

fried mon calamari

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Nice looking scratchbuilds. I like the weathering you got on the Mal blaster.

I wanted to do a scratchbuild one too, but got lazy and bought a smoking cast instead. :lol


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Thanks, I love how it turned out.
I cut sheet brass and covered he whole thing with it. Then painted it and scratched it off with steel wool.