Yes, ANOTHER Wolverine Costumer - Original Design


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Hey everyone,

I don't do very much forum posting these days but I was recently part of a project that I'm really happy with. I took an original design to Kurt Struss & Sean Cho of Reel Images Leatherwear and they produced a prototype Wolverine Battle Vest for me that I'm completely blown away by.

I got some photo at last weekends Denver Comic Con and I figured this was a good place to share them.

I'm always open to constructive criticism but please be kind :)

I should also mention that the majority of these photos were taken by WeNeals Photography & Retouching, am I allowed to link his page here?

11148755_10152434907377325_7395038292471030216_n.jpg 10571939_639530476149063_4230511367097698847_o.jpg 11229701_904846702905382_3643394572452465104_o.jpg 11234875_10152432729787325_5090372827976491125_o.jpg 11267737_911710835534712_4170459580287696484_o.jpg 11270570_10152429393067325_4893874319644118611_o.jpg
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