XScape Props/Costumes query


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Hi all,

Been looking at XScape Props and noticed they offer costuming services in addition to their props. I was just curious if anyone had ever used them for either costuming or prop purchase? Are they any good? Reliable? I can't seem to find any information one way or the other about them.

It's this/these guys in case you don't know:

Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals, movie prop replicas and more...
Custom Costuming Services

I am specifically interested in their First Contact uniforms and Phaser/Tricorder props.

Any help much appreciated.


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The costumes are being made by Shauun Lawrence, a pereon who wa just banned here for Failing to meet commissions. He owes me, personally, $500 for a Costume he has NOT delivered on, and several other members here are owed items.

Search his name and see what I'm talking about.

Bottom line, STAY AWAY! FAR AWAY!!!!


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I can't comment about their costuming service (Although I'd be inclined to take Ed's advice!)

I can say Xscapes is great for costume accessories- good products and quick shipping. I haven't bought any finished props from them, but the ones I have seen and handled have been very good. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with them for props.


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I was only talking about the costuming service. I don't know anything about the props so Felgacarb is the man there. But the site itself says the costumes are by Shauun Lawrence.

Bad stuff with the costumes.
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