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I'm looking into either making or having made a replica Moonbase Alpha uniform from Space: 1999, It's one of my favourite Sci-Fi uniforms. I've researched as much as I can from the Space: 1999 Catacombs website and replicas other people have made and found that the originals were made of a 100% Wool Double Knit Jersey, I've managed to find some online in a similar shade of beige to the originals but it is frightfully expensive!

In addition to this I remembered that someone on EBay used to offer extremely accurate replica uniforms a few years ago, some of their listings are archived on worthpoint but so far I haven't been able to identify the individual, If anyone knows who made these I'd love to know.

One especially troublesome aspect is finding accurate zippers, the original uniforms used Robin Samson Zippers except for Martin Landau and Barbara Bain's which used Talon Zippers, the Talon Zippers aren't too hard to find with some digging but all Robin Samson Zippers seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth!
Yeah, I've seen his shop on Etsy, they're very good but I think the fabrics are a bit off but to be fair the right fabric is bloody expensive!

Ideally I'd like one of each but right now I think I'm more focused on the first series version.
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I'm gonna get into zippers again.

(All Space: 1999 Uniform images come from the Space: 1999 Catacombs Website)

Moonbase Alpha uniforms use heavy duty Upholstery Zippers, the specific brands used for these were 'Talon' and 'Robin Samson', both were used at the start of the series.


Only the uniforms worn by Koenig, Russell and Gorski used 'Talon' brand Zippers, they can be told by their semi circle hole at the bottom of the pull.



All other characters wore uniforms with 'Robin Samson' Zippers told by the chunky attachment.


Koenig continued to wear the 'Talon' Zipper until 1x10 'Alpha Child' when a new uniform was made using a 'Robin Samson' Zipper.


Russell continued to wear the 'Talon' Zipper much longer until 1X19 'The Troubled Spirit' where after wearing the 'Talon' for most of the episode she switches to a new uniform for the final scene featuring a 'Robin Samson' Zip.


From this point onwards all uniforms featured in the series used 'Robin Samson' Zippers, this of course only accounts for the uniform tops and not the trousers which themselves featured a large upholstery zip, because of lack of good reference I cannot be certain if they ever used anything other than 'Robin Samson'.

The reason I'm making this is because I want my uniform to be as accurate as possible including the zippers and in my search I have found that both types of zippers are extremely rare. I believe that if I can get at least the zipper heads I can attach them to more recent zippers since full length zippers with the right heads are nigh impossible to find.

I've ordered swatches of the Double Knit Jersey from both websites in various colours, I'm feeling optimistic that I've got the right fabric.
I ordered beige vinyl for the Series 1 belt and while it's the right type I believe it's much lighter than the belts I've seen from the show but two things I'm keeping in mind are: A, the close up photos of the belt I've seen are of the surviving ones today so they may have darkened with age and B, the lighting and cinematography in the episodes can play tricks with the colours.

In other news I have finally discovered who made the uniforms in the pictures on the first post!, they were made by a man called David Mclaughlin from London who used to make them semi regularly but not recently it seems, I've found posts on facebook of people showing the costumes he's made for them the latest of which was in 2018 but I haven't been able to find any social media for David himself, I think I've found him on Linkedin and based on what I've seen he's done quite of costume work for films and such but to contact him there I'd have to have an account. If anyone knows any other way to reach him I'd appreciate it!


(Image from YourProps)

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Received the Robin Samson zipper pulls today!, they're gonna need a good cleaning but they're in good condition overall!

No luck finding David Mclaughlin yet but I've made a post on facebook and I'm holding out hope.

The swatches from B&J Fabrics arrived. The fabric thinner than I expected and partially see through which tracks with what I’ve read of the original uniforms.


The white is good, I was expecting it to be a darker shade based on the picture on the website but this colour looks to be perfect for the Medical Colour and if I need any of it dyed.


The only other colour I think works is the Rosso Corsa Red which matches to the pics I’ve seen of the Main Mission Red uniforms.


I'm sure that this is the same if not similar fabric to the original fabric, comparing my swatches to pictures of the original fabric, the weave is similar but not identical I think.


(Image from Space: 1999 Catacombs)

All in all a great find!
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The Swatch from Britex Fabrics arrived today!, it’s a very small swatch, what I’ve noticed is that the white swatch is a lot more see through than the colour ones, the weave is similar, what I’ve noticed is that on the photos of the originals is that the weave seems much bigger but that could just be the photos being taken so close!.

Colour wise it’s a decent match to how the uniforms look now, the swatch seems to have more of a yellow tinge where the originals have more of a grey tinge, still it’s not bad, what is bad is the price!, $89.99 per yard! Even in pounds and assuming I’ll need about 4ish yards it’s about £280.

The photos are taken close to bright sunlight and the lighting obviously has an effect on the shade, in this light it’s a very good match for the originals.


For comparison here are some images of uniform pieces that are currently for sale on EBay if you’ve got a couple thousand to spare.





EBay Pages linked below:

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