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XPost for Global Effects yard sale / auction

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by lmgill, Mar 22, 2015.

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  2. lmgill

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    All lots are now open for bidding. No reserves, all lots start at $1. Bidding on lots close on April 15th
    We need to make room for our bigger and better Rental Department, so we don't want to put any of this stuff back.
    You can start bidding anytime and all lots stay open till April 15th, then they start to close. If bidding is still active on a lot, it stays open until the bidding stops, so don't try to snipe, because the clock will keep ticking.
    If you are nearby, previews will be April 11th and April 14th, (7115 Laurel Canyon Blvd. North Hollywood CA)
    We will be giving a limited number of shop tours as well, both days.
    Some highlights: (Of mainly our screen used stuff) all lots can be bid on here:

    Helmet prototype for "300" - used in "Meet the Spartans"
    Spacesuit costume from "The Core"
    Table from "The Santa Claus"
    Kurt Russell's Uniform Jacket from "Soldier"
    Gary Oldman Dracula Figure kit with costume finger tips from original costume as color reference
    Helmet from "Snoop Dog" music video
    Helmet used in "Ghosts of Mars"
    Helmet from "Pluto Nash" (Picture was taken before we found the visor) Visor included
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith rubber armor piece - thigh - Brad Pitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith rubber armor piece - shoulder - Angelina Jolie
    Armageddon spacesuit batteries - 2 - Lot
    Armageddon spacesuit chest controls
    Armageddon spacesuit neck rings front and back (set)
    Armageddon spacesuit vest chest piece - Harry (Bruce Willis)
    Fantastic Four Ben Grimm screen used spacesuit sleeves - shoulder and lower (2 piece set)
    Plastic helmets unfinished/damaged made for "Meet the Spartans" - Prototype for "300"
    Apollo spacesuit undergarment screen used "Apollo 18" by Lloyd Owen
    2001 Movie space suit replica blue (Made for IBM - This was patterned of an original 2001 suit)
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  3. Prop Archives

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    Now that's my kind of "yard sale"
  4. Guardian Devil

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    Is this only available for the US guys? I was interested in a few lots so tried to sign up to bid, but there's no field to select a country
  5. Rik1138

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    From their terms:
    There is no shipping, so where you are in the world doesn't matter... You have to make arrangements for someone (if you can't) to pick up your stuff...

    Looking at the form for signing up, I see it still asks for addresses and such... Not sure what to do if you are international in that case, but it does look like you can't even register... Let me know if there's something you can't live without, if they won't let you register I can help you get it...

    Also, keep in mind that since everything is being picked up in person (even if by a shipping service), everything is considered a local, California sale. Thus sales tax will be added to your purchase unless you can prove a tax exempt status. That will add 8.5-9.5 % to your bid price, usually added to the total after adding the %13 premium. I'd just assume a %22 buyers premium or so...
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    Dang, thanks Rik. I missed the local pick up info. I saw a couple of interesting items, but it looks like I'll be passing.
  7. lmgill

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    I will see if there is a local UPS store that offers pick up and shipping services.
  8. lmgill

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    No word on a local store for shipping. But send me a note if there is something you want, and we will determine if we can ship it to you. As for Pick up: if you need to pick items up the Saturday after the auction, we may be able to make arrangements. Again, PM me for with your specific need.
    Here is the direct link to the auction lots, just in case you haven't found them.…
    Remember, we have a Preview of all lots, at our shop This Saturday from 9am to 4pm and again on Tuesday the 14th, from 8am to 5pm. All lots start to close Monday April 15th.
    The shop is near the corner of Laurel Canyon and Sherman Way. The shop is at 7115 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
    There is a big parking lot in back (look for the sign for "Auction")
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  9. lmgill

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    Preview day tomorrow April 14th, lots start to close Wednesday afternoon. As for shipping, if the item sells for more than $40 and is not bigger than 18" x 18", we can box it and ship it for you for whatever the actual shipping cost ( prepaid) plus a $10.00 packaging/ handling fee.
    I'm a bit surprised there are no bids on most of the Armageddon spacesuit parts.
  10. The Prop Stop

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    anything you can do for us robot lovers?
  11. lmgill

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    Thanks to all who bid. Once we get the main lot pick ups handled, Thursday and Friday, we will get items shipped.
  12. Guardian Devil

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    Are the items I won due to ship soon?

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