X-WING studio scale 3d model


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OK, so next up, on the modelling screen is an X-wing...following on from the AT-AT and AT-ST I recently finished, I thought it was time to re-examine this ship...and actually, wow, what a cool thing it really is...the spindle mechanism wing deployment is truly amazing and possibly unique and viable in terms of flight avionics, or not...who knows, but it does look really cool! I can't believe I haven't tackled this before now, it has some parts I have already done for the Falcon/Star destroyer/Sandcrawler so it feels like yet another remarkable use of basically the same kits.
I am going for Red V as that is Luke's ship and the most iconic but I may do other versions too
I have the Fuselage modelled but still need to add the detail...which is totally assymetrical! And the wings, which are almost the same with some subtle chip variations and a few selective Saturn V and Sealab parts;

X-WING 1.jpg

X-WING 2.jpg
Sorry, my English is not so good. I think 1.5mm clear acrylic sheets were used for the outer panel and 1.0mm styrene sheets for the inner. Here are pics of the pyro model casting wing(two or three generation?).


  • IMG_1130.JPG
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  • IMG_1129.JPG
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Love the build! Do you think you'll ever model up the live-action T-6 jedi shuttle shown at celebration? It's a lovely model and seems right up your ally


  • 2.jpg
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Thanks Kh39, good spot...I will be sure and tweak those wings when I finish all the chips...sounds like a chicken dinner!

HackinSpock, yeah that's a cool model...depends on just how much good ref pics and dims there are to be able to do it justice.

So, after a lot of boolean fun, the fuselage has panel lines and detailing;
X-WING 11.jpg
X-WING 10.jpg
X-WING 9.jpg
X-WING 8.jpg
it's fun seeing the difference dynamic perspective makes in this shot;
X-WING 12.jpg
X-WING 13.jpg

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