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Hi all.

I'm new to this forum, however, I've been reading for sometime. I made an account not too long ago. I used to cosplay as Seras Victoria, but after 4 years, I grew tired of that. I'm doing several suits.

I'm working on a Batgirl from the batman & robin movie with Ice decals & cowl, MMPR yellow (trini version I guess... doesn't matter.) and Rogue from the X-men.

At this moment, the last one is the most complete one. I'll show you my 'progress'

(sorry for the 'mirror' pics)


And the belt I made:


I just finished dying my hair (more or less..not completely accurate I think, but It's okay.) Tomorrow is the first day of the Con, so then full body shots will be made.

Keep in mind: The boots are temporary. I got them with the suit. However, I will try to find better ones. Furtheron I will also change the jacket in the future and fix the black 'X-logo' on the chest.

Thanks in advance and a pleasure to meet you all,

Looks good! I was going to ask what the black stripe is on the shoulder, but after doing an image search I see the animated costume had those stripes on both sides. I guess since the other shoulder is obscured, I thought it was only on one side.
Yeah I never noticed that until now either, I guess the jacket kinda covered up those spots, I'll put that on my list of questions to ask Jim Lee at NYCC, anyways, you're definitely getting the look down madam, great work!!! A different jacket might do it more justice though, but that's just my opinion.
i'd encourage a fresh blade for your knife and a second go at the belt buckle, it's decent, but could be much better if you use a metal ruler and have a sharp enough blade to make a clean straight cut.

i'd also encourage finding a brown/tan leather jacket, as it's closer to those colors than black.

the cut of the suit looks great though, i don't know what to suggest in regards to seeing your underwear through the spandex though, since i don't wear womens underwear :)
would a white sports bra help with that?
@ Kommisar;

Yes I know. It's a rush job for now, seeing as the con starts today. In the long run I will fix the beltbuckle and jacket. As for the underwear, those early shots were taken to test the suit. I have tan-colored underwear now to go with the suit. It lessens the visibility greatly ;)

Here is it with the underwear and belt on... But at night. Today @ the con I guess better pictures will be taken. :)

Thanks a lot!
I've got a small problem. My hair didn't get light enough. Just blonde lol. Too bad for this con. For the next one I will try to fix something else.
So after the con there are finally some photos up.

is one of the best.

but the most epic one is this one:

(if they are too big, I will resize them anytime!)
So I want to finish this costume. I want to tackle the boots. Where do I find some good ones? I've found some on the website which I stated on the first page (The second link with the more expensive suit). Furtheron I haven't found some really good boots.

And the jacket is something I need to tackle aswell. But the boots are my main priority now. Since those are bugging me as hell!
So.. I'll blow off the dust that has collected on this topic. I need your help! If I'd go accurate to the cartoon, then they are thigh high boots with NO heel. However, the bishoujo version HAS heels. Heels DO enhance the long slender look, but it also has to be comfortable.

Now, I've not yet seen thigh-high boots in yellow. I could dye them eventually, but I'm just going all around the internet to make sure I'm not missing out on stuff. I will have to modify them anyway, but no dye = easier.

The yellow boots I've found thusfar are these:


SS4U Yellow Shiny Patent Knee High Boots 4" Heels Zipper Side US Size 5 | eBay

And these:



They're knee-high. I could always modify them, but I'm afraid they'll be 'too low'.

What do you guys think?
I have the bottom ones, and have the top ones faved for when I do her Age of Apocalypse costume.

For both, since they are a Pleaser brand type of boot, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Scholl's inserts...they kill your feet after a long day at a con -_-.

They're to the knee and they're pretty much a perfect height! All you have to do is add on the knee pads.
I've found some rather perfect boots which are overknee and have the slits. They're black but I'll have to paint them yellow. Not so much of a problem. I'll look on.

Besides, for the sake of accurateness, the boots must have no heel, or almost no heel. Which is more comfortable on cons aswell. :)

Here is one of the best shots I could take of one of the episodes:
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