X-Men, Iron Man, Fight Club jackets and more!!!


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I haven't seen this site hawked around here anywhere and HAVE seen many threads regarding a lot of the jackets on here.

I was just helping a friend find the Tyler Durden Fight Club jacket and came across this site which is insanely incredible. The variety of replica jackets, the quality and especially the prices are AMAZING!

A few personal faves are the tan Iron Man jacket and the Cyclops one...but I know the bf is a HUGE Fight Club fan... this will make buying a Christmas present an extremely difficult choice.

Oh, AND shipping is only $35 anywhere in North America.

I'm in leather jacket heaven...if only there were some sweet girls replicas...

But yeah! I was impressed so I thought I'd share!

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Thanks for the heads up aelynn! That sure is a great site. The X-Men Origins jacket looks mighty fine.
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If you google search Jonathan A Logan he is the original maker of the Fight Club jacket and made it for the movie. He has the original Hollywood schematics and makes jackets for a lot of the stars. If you want the real deal, he's the man to go to.

I have one of his jackets and its the best jacket I have ever owned.
I'd like to clear up WHICH Fight Club jacket you are referring to, as there are more than one.

The all red button-up car coat was most likely a true vintage find, but the red and white cafe racer/motorcycle jacket with the mandarin collar is the jacket I hope you're referring to as JAL did admit to creating and still reproduces this jacket today. Which is no where near cheap.

on the other hand...

I hear soulrevolver make fitted wears, so they tend to the little and skinny pretty well. As one of those mentioned I actually like the idea of a tailor leather/cotton jacket that's not costing 2 months of pay. They seem to offer designs that no other site does, which is a great thing they have going for them right now. I can't seem to remember any complaints about soulrevolver at the moment. So they have a pretty decent track record to. One of the guys who ran the busniess was a member over at fj.com, but I haven't heard from him in a long while.
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