X-Men 3 Jacket Now Available!!!


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Yeah, I just found out about these this morning, they look pretty nice. Do they have that seam that is around the top of the jacket, which someone pointed out a while back, though?


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Thanks for the link, David. Here's their version of the X1 for those that might be interested. (GREAT price, too.)

(Thanks WC for hosting.)

-B89. :D


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Looks like the stripes on the sleeves go all the way around too. That's incorrect, isn't it?[/b]
Yeah, the stripes are inaccurate, but other than that it looks pretty good. They also carry the Cyclops X3 jacket: Cyclops Jacket Again, while not entirely accurate, it's pretty dang close.


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Yeah, I saw this auction shortly after it went up. Looking at their X1, not sure what happened there. My guess is that it will be revised. Seems like their best coa would be to use the X3 pattern and put the correct stripes on. Pilot brown, not oiled brown, and orange stripes. I bet we'll see something like this pop up soon.