WWII paratrooper uniform 101st 506 PIR

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by bothanspy, Dec 30, 2005.

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    UPDATED: I'm finally ALMOST done with my BOB impression. Here's the breakdown

    M-1 helmet with 506 PIR Easy Company marking
    Helmet net
    Paratooper helmet liner
    Camo scarf
    Paratrooper re-enforece jumpsuit and pants
    HBT shirt with patches
    M36 suspenders
    1936 pistol belt
    M36 musettle bag
    inside has K-rations, meat can with utensils, personal tolitary kit, army rain coat, Garand cleaning kit
    3 Rigge pouches
    inside M1 Garand 8 rounds ammo with clip (4 per pouch), and 2 MKII grenades
    M1 Garand bayonet
    Re-enforce 1942 canteen cover w/ canteen and cup
    Rubber Gas mask bag (D-Day invasion) w/ mask
    T-shovel with cover
    personal 1st aid kit with pouch
    1918 pistol mag pouch w/ 2 mags
    Paratrooper compass w/ strap
    D-Day 101st clicker around the neck
    Army Bible in the side pocket
    Jump boots
    .45 shoulder holster w/ Colt 1911 pistol
    1942 wire cutter w/ pouch
    M6A1 grenade
    M1 Garand ammo bandilor w/ 6 M1 clips
    luminos disc
    gas bassard
    M1 rifle w/ leather sling
    Parachute cutting knife w/ lanyard
    Pads for the suspenders
    leg strap
    M4 Camillus bayonet with scabbard
    Let down rope
    Hawkins Mine
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    Looks great.. Where did you get your jacket and pants from?
  3. Hangar18Studios

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    Awesome. It's nice to see some military gear around here once in a while, especially WWII. I'm a big collector of U.S. camouflage from the South Pacific theatre, I want to get around to taking some pic's eventually. I've also got about 10 German uniforms too.
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  5. Axlotl

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    When I win the lottery, that's the first thing I'm gonna buy.
    well, maybe the second...
  6. Dinadin

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    That looks great.

    Here is another source for uniforms.
    WWII Impressions

    I saw that on the History Channel's Mail Call, but I haven't bought anything yet so I don't know how good their stuff is.
  7. bothanspy

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    Thanks guys. The paratrooper still needs work, but he is close.

    My source for WWII is At The Front


    They've got thebest replica stuff, and the Rant is funny as heck (not very PC)

    I need some riggers pouch, and also the hard to find invasion gas mask bag.
    Would love to see some of your WWII display. Post em' . :)
  8. bothanspy

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  9. synasp

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    aw, very nice. :love

    What's the white bottle and other stuff on the belt? I don't remember seeing anyone wearing those. Also, is the knife on the back the bayonet, or a boot knife?

    Again, very nice. :thumbsup
  10. bothanspy

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    Thanks. The "white bottle" is a incenary M6A1 grenade replica. Used by the paratoopers to disable cannons. The other pouches are "rigger pouches" for paratrooper specifically, and can hold M1 clips (4) or 2 grenades.

    On the back of the belt, I have a 10" M1 Garand bayonet. A boot M3 camillus is coming to complete my impression.
  11. bothanspy

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    Added Paratrooper "Let down" rope and Replica Hawkins mine to the Paratrooper loadout. I think I am done with the BOB impression :)

    Boy, those paratroopers sure do carry A LOT of gears.
  12. KingNothing

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    Yeah they carried a lot.. Plus when they were loaded up with their parachutes and rigging. Wow....
  13. TK8309

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    Mayor BUMP

    Now, If you're not a US resident, like me,
    are there any good sites for buying replica WWII rifles,
    the M1 garand to be specific??

    These rifles don't have to be real (wood and metal) or airsoft or anything,
    they can be resin or any other 'replica' material.

    I've been looking allover for them, but no luck whatsoever.
    (I don't wanna pay 100's of dollars for them either :angry )

    -sorry to maybe hijack this thread, but I do hope someone can help me out-


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