Would this work?


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I want to make some kind of armored top for my son using foam and a tight fitting shirt. Something like the Redhood or Nightwing style that I've seen recenty.

Like this or this

I'm sure I've seen some costumes like this, where the armor plates were attached to the shirt or body suit.
What I'm wondering is, are those pieces hot glued directly to the shirt or do they use velcro or snaps or something so that the pieces can be removed so that the shirt can be washed?

I imagine he'll wear it quite a bit when he goes out playing... so it'll definitely need to be washed.



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well you've answered your own question there :)

Velcro will make it washable is an easier solution to another crazy clipping on mechanism - and if any armour pieces break from extensive use, just cut out another one from a template XD Just stitch it on nice and strong!

(just because unless you're hand washing I wouldn't want to put foam through the washer)

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