Would Anyone Love A Predator The Animated Series


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Would anyone else love a "Predator: the Animated Series"?

I think it could be amazing if handled with respect. There aren't many Western adult oriented action cartoons, most are either anime or juvenile adult comedy cartoons like the Family Guy.

I think it could work if it was done in the Bruce Timm style of the DC Animated Universe like Batman The Animated Series (orginal syle) or the Justice League Unlimited (new streamlined style).

We could get a chance to explore multiple Predators on a hunt and build up their personalities, see how they hunt, use strategies. and have a bunch of new weapons. See a bit further into their culture.

Of course the heart would be the human characters, but it would be nice to build up the yautja too.

It could be a 26 episode series with multiple arcs in between, each one focusing on different humans or predators. In some arcs the humans win, in others the Predators win.

Air it on Adult Swim or HBO and make some merchandise.

Alternativly and Aliens vs Predator Animated Series could work too. Make some episodes (maybe 6 of the 26) soley from the Predator's perspective.

Plus imaging the amount of merchendise Fox could sell with these. Remember how popular the Kenner toys were?
Sounds pretty freaking cool to me. I've just recently started watching the Animated Batman Movies but I'm liking them a lot. Like you said, if handled correctly and with respect it could be a really great spin to the franchise.
I think there were plans to make an Aliens cartoon series when the Kenner toys came out in the 90's but it never took off. I'd love to see a Predator cartoon come out though.
The problem with a cartoon version is that it could easily turn cheezy and kiddie. The movies are rated the way they are because of the violence and gore. Imagine trying to put a cartoon on tv. I can't see it ever happening but primarily because of the disturbing content. Plus I'm not a fan of seeing a cartoonized version of the Predator. That would be like taking the Hellraiser characters and making a cartoon...not right I tell ya!
As much fun it would be to have a show like that, I dont think it would work because of the content - like people have mentioned, it can get too cartoony when its supposed to be thrilling/scary.
But, we still have the comics around, and I enjoy them. :)
The problem with a cartoon version is that it could easily turn cheezy and kiddie. The movies are rated the way they are because of the violence and gore. Imagine trying to put a cartoon on tv. I can't see it ever happening but primarily because of the disturbing content. Plus I'm not a fan of seeing a cartoonized version of the Predator. That would be like taking the Hellraiser characters and making a cartoon...not right I tell ya!
Well said. The comics have done enough damage already.
Yeah, I agree that making a cartoon of predator would be taking a step to far. I mean how many batman cartoons/TV shows have there been as well as the movies? In the end it gets repetitive, boring and after a while you loose interest in the subject all together.

edit: PS not saying that batman is boring, I like the batman franchise. I am just merely using it as an example.
With Batman, it was cheezy and goofy to begin with. Then the comics took Batman and made him darker...followed by movies making him cheezy and back again to dark. With Batman - the Animated Series worked very well...it was dark and cartoony at the same time. It would be very difficult to pull that off with Predator. It doesn't have the same cult following as Batman so it may not be watched as much as the producers would like...therefor not making enough money. Also - what do you do for content to keep the viewers interested every single week?

Could it work - yes, but only if the right writers and artists were at the helm. The stories would have to be stellar to keep the attention of the viewers. Would it happen? Not likely...

Predator in my opinion has been taken far enough in regards to off-topic 'spin offs' in that being AVP. Yes, some of the comics have already been based around it but if they were to make a Predator cartoon it will just be a a longer lasting or shorter repeat of the film. But then again vica-versa, if there ever was a cartoon made they will just be animated versions of the comics. Which then takes the darkness away from the film and adds in the cheesy-ness.
I don't see why it couldn't at least be made a straight to blu ray short- then take it from there to see if it creates a following. At least that way the animation would be better- with cartoon series you almost always see the animation get crappy sooner or later-
I think if they wanted to do any kind of animated predator, it would only really work in an animated movie like the dc/marvel animated movies. The big thing for that would be the gore, but it depends on who is making it. There are plenty of gory animated shows/movies out there. But I think a series would be to much.
It seems like alot of people missed out on the original dark horse avp comics story- I think that would be a great story to do as a cartoon because it captured the feeling of both movies so well. The selfishness of the human race against each other in the middle of the aliens and predators fighting each other on a remote planet. If America started animating more comics to cartoons like in Japan I think there would be a large audience following.
The idea sounds cool but, it would really depend on how they did it. If they did it AVP style I couldn't see it being anything but a train wreck. It seems when a director gets his hands on such an interesting cross-over as AVP they have to morph the story to be "Humans WIN!". Why? When I hear a title like "Aliens vs Predators" I think the two big aliens species of the sci-fi movies going at it. Yet somehow and some reason they always seem to think humans have to be there and always by luck win the battle.

If it was just a Predator cartoon I'd have alot more faith in it. The first two movies were great and Predators was passable. Though what more could they show us about them that we haven't seen in the movies and video games?
You have a point- the humans are the weakest of the 3- in the comics story, the only reason some humans survive is because the predators are too busy with the aliens- but i still think alot of people havent read the original avp comic's story and would dig it- like when sin city came out- i never read the comics but loved the movie- as long as an avp animated short was given a retro 80's feel to capture the original movies' styles I think alot of people would eat it up-
Holy ****, so glad to see someone else was thinking the same thing. I would LOVE to see a predator or AvP animated series. Would be freaking amazing! Especially if it was more revolved around the predators rather than usual human base. I dont watch it just to see the humans be 'heroes' XD Im all for the preddies.

I also read through and agree with many of the comments. If I could Id like to help out with ideas to stories if this were ever made possible. Haha, I'd definately be sure to add in gore. I should try writing some stories and make a few comics from them, possibly go back later and animate them? My own predator animated series on youtube XD if only I knew how to make good animations.....
i personally wouldn't really like to see an animated predator series. I feel it would take away from the characters we see in the earlier movies (P1 mainly). only benefit I see is it could give us a better insight as to the way the predators live. IMO...
in my opinion, it would all depend on who's making the series. if you've noticed, throughout the movies, the Preds seemed to have lost their hunting touch. and that really sucks. in the newer movies, Preds are more like warriors instead of hunters. their tactics are much unlike the guerrilla tactics of the classic Predator. if a person can make an animated Predator series and still be able to maintain the hunting quality of the Predator, then go for it. but they shouldnt degrade the nature of the predator unless they have a legitimate lore to it..and when i say legitimate, I MEAN LEGIT-IMATE!!!
Its a shame too, because we dont see so many serious animated shows done in traditional 2d as much as the 90's. Mostly just kids shows and adult comedies. I hope to see more ideas like a predator cartoon series come back.
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