Worst Costume Experiences?


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While reading through this forum, I was thinking about how many of us sacrifice comfort and/or ease of movement for the sake of a better looking costume.

What is the worst costume experience you have ever had? Was it wearing a costume, breaking a costume, or the build process?

I had a latex costume tear on me during Halloween several years ago. Talk about embarrassing. :lol

I was building a new pistol for my weird west gunslinger getup. I cut and shaped the wooden stock out of red oak.


Then I stained and waxed the wood, cut some brass plates and started gluing and pinning them to the stock.


While I was absently tapping the pins into the last plate, already thinking ahead to the next step of the project,


I split the thing right in two.

I tried a few different things to put her back together, but the parts are so heavy and the area so narrow that I couldn't get a strong enough joint. I had to go all the way back to concept drawings to get a design that was sturdy enough just to be built, let alone carried around and hauled out of a holster. What's left of the stock got recycled into a raygun for my daughter.
Having to see (crappy) Joker costumes..:lol

For me, I spent 3 days sculpting an armor piece out of styrofoam for my plo koon wip, when I applied bondo to it the bondo melted away the foam! Now I have to rescuplt it get some smooth cast 300, then bondo it.
I was doing an appearance at a local mall as Darth Vader, was going down the escalator & broke the heel off my 3" lift boots - has to limp all the way to the other side of the mall to the shoe repair booth.
Wearing a 3PO costume.
Tight fit on the head smashing the ears.
Can't feel arms after about 15 minutes.
Can barely see anything.
Legs cut into top of feet (that has since been fixed with straps attached under the waist)
Having a small slit to breath through, fortunately it has a fan, unfortunately having to endure some ugly drunk woman kiss me twice in front of a dozen news cameras.
Wearing a 3PO costume.

Can barely see anything.

Having a small slit to breath through, fortunately it has a fan, unfortunately having to endure some ugly drunk woman kiss me twice in front of a dozen news cameras.

I bet you didn't know how ugly she was until the photos hit the web...
I built a blaster based on the T-21 using what I could find (my first attempt at scratchbuilding). Got it to the troop and had fun with it for a while. I stood it up while I was adjusting my helmet and our Vader bumped into it, knocked it over, and all I could do was watch as it broke into three pieces when it hit the ground.
Wearing my Buzz Lightyear costume was tons of fun this last weekend, but I ended the day with bruses on my shoulders from my lack of padding.

It was fine for the first 4 hours, but at hour 5 I was sore, and at hour 6 I was in pain. But I just kept going.
When I made costumes for the green lantern opening night, the Kilowog mask for my friend fell apart and I had to use safety pins to hold it together. Then in front of the movie theater I walked through a huge puddle, then by lights on the props gave out. Then finally my mask was too tight and hurt my eyes.
My first set of Halo armor. Here's what I missed on I was in a rush to finish it for the convention I was going to and forgot some pieces at home to strap the shoulders and thighs. Also did'nt have anything between the top of the boot and the shin to keep them from rubbing together. So after I found my error I only had one viable way to fix it. I had a tube of superglue. So I superglued the shoulders to my zentai suit and to my skin while I was wearing it, and I superglued the thighs to the suit and skin as well the burning feeling was no problem. After 8 hours of wearing it I was tired and started to take the armor off, it was like taking duct tape off a persons mouth and they have a full mustache and beard that was the painful part of it. The other mistake I made was not putting a protector between the bottom of the shin and my boot so after 8 hours the bottom of the shin and the top of the boot tore themselves to shreds. I definatly learned from my mistakes those days that was at All-Con 2010.
EDIT: I missed a bad part, the place where the front of the chest straps to the back at the top of the armor pinched me well enough that I had to get stiches at the end of the night when the suit came off I did'nt realise it until the suit came off.
It would be the time I entered a costume contest with clearly separated walk-on and skit groups. Then they were judged together...and a bunch of store bought black robe cloth stuff won. All because they had randomly chosen the judges since the real ones had ditched. So the judges just picked costumes from their favorite series. No concern for costume quality or anything.

I may not have had the best costume there, but the people I knew would be my competition, the ones where I went "Wow, don't know if I can beat that." None of them even placed...not one.:rolleyes

That was god-awful.

Well the time when I got stalked by a 300 pound crossdressing chick may have been creepier, but that contest and the poor organization of that one con made it the most miserable I've been to.
My buzz light year costume for last halloween. I knew that i couldn't drink(because i couldn't reach my face), but what i didn't plan for was all of the sweat running into my eyes that I couldn't wipe away. It was torture. Only wore the costume for an hour. It was sad after all of the time put in to building it.
I built an entire Boba from scratch. It was a step up from what was available at the time. I made the gauntlets out of fiberglass, and it clamshelled over my arm. I made it so tight it pinched my wrist. After wearing if on and off over a weekend. It pinched a nerve in my wrist and I lost feeling in my thumb for about a week...
Pep/bondo/rondo half of a Halo Mk Vi suit for my nephew that didn't fit him a month before halloween because he hit a growth spurt. Queue a 3 week dash to build him a new suit... I think I may have slept 4 hours a night between working and trying to get his costume done.
I don't think people realize just how restricted and uncomfortable some people are in a costume. I had one guy hulk hogan his arms around me while I was wearing my Boba Fett. I pushed him off and said all Fett-like to back off. but I mean really...people are inconsiderate about it half the time.
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