Wondering if this is OT or not... Miku Hatsune.


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You know, I am not a fan of anime or japanese stuff, usually. Granted, their design sometimes is just astounding, and most of the time, to me, borderline ridiculous, however, I have friends who are very much into that sort of thing. In order to help out one of those friends, I made her a suit from a character called Miku Hatsune, which apparently is a "Vocaloid" or something. If anyone could chime in with WTF it is, I´d be delighted, for it would help me understand what I did without going to actually look for unwanted wikipedia information.

Anyhoo, considering you guys and gals might get a kick out of this, here she is in all of her Japanese glory....




Again, I hope you guys like it :)


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Thanks, Laamberry, and Yikes, Squirl, that´s a WEIRD video :) but then again, it´s what they do, they excel in weird :) I am glad you guys liked it! :)
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