Done / Completed Wolverine X1 and X2 style dog tag

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PLEASE NOTE: The Tag you will receive is one that will be in pristine condition. The one image of the darkened weathered tag is for example of what the buyer can do if they opt to do so. In short, the tags are NOT pre-weathered.

The tag was created with a lot of attention to detail

  • You will note these are not the inaccurate versions seen on Bay with dashes between the numbers.
  • Text is purposely misaligned to match the screen used tags.
  • Text had to be specially designed to capture that on the screen due to some characters unlike any known font.

Each set includes:

  • 1x 1.75" Tag cast in iron zinc alloy, 1.5mm thick, antique silver metal plating
  • 1x 24" ball chain (probably longer than you need but you can cut it to the size you want)
  • 1x 4" ball chain

Tag with chains are $15 shipped in the US. Please PM me for international shipping quote.

Paypal to


Here is what I did for weathering:

Lightly steel wool the front and back. This breaks up the surface area to promote weathering and accept other faux weathering. Please realize that whatever direction you do this, it will show up. These are nickel with antique silver plating. If you rub too hard with the steel wool, you may hit the nickel. That should not be too much of an issue as nickel is silver like in color. I have had past customers remove all the plating and let the nickel darken naturally.

I used a chemical found at gun stores called Aluminum Black. Apply as directed. The entire tag will turn black.

Lightly steel wool the tag to slowly remove the black, you want to leave just enough behind to get the look you want. If you mess up, just repeat. If you do not want to purchase the AB, you can try using black paint and do the same thing.

Once you get the tag to appear as you desire, you may want to make the text stand out more. I used an acrylic black paint and covered the text area. I let it set for about 1-2 minutes, then took a paper towel an wiped away the black paint from the surface leaving only the paint that settled into the text.



IMG_2196 - Version 2.jpg
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Best/only tags out there guys. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get a set while you can.
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