[WIP] the Amazing Spiderman


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Hello everyone !
Let me introduce myself first : I'm 25 yo and I live in France.
I'm planning to make the amazing spiderman suit before next February :)

I have some canva and materials but what I need for now is to make the mask. The problem is that I'm not very skilled in sewing and I'd like to get a pattern that show precisely how I have to cut canva to fit my head.

I tried 2 patterns but they didn't work at all :(

I'm not using spandex for the head. I use urethane material to match the "wetsuit" look of the red parts ;)
I'll putt the same material on the blue suit to get it as accurate as I can.

Do anyone can help me with a good pattern, please ?
Thanks in advance !

Well, I was busy a moment but I finally got pieces I need to make the lenses.
The right one is done, I'll build the left one tonight after work XD

I realized that I can't make exactly the same suit because of some details on the netting.
So, I'm trying to get it the more accurate I can, but keeping in mind that Peter Parker is a student without a lot of money. So, if I don't have skills for some part, I'll do it with material I can find and I know how to use.

For example, the black part around the lenses. I make it with Stormtrooper Neck Trim :p

I think the first pics will come tonight or tomorrow.

Can't wait to know what you think about what I'm doing ;)
Here's what I've done so far :


I've got to wait before making the other lense because I didn't succeed in making the second with the same dimensions and I don't have another "ball" yet ^^"
Thank you ! :)
Your idea is pretty cool too

Well here's a little update : The basis of the bust is complete (minus web details and spider) ! Just a few adjustments to do to make it fit me good when the suit is complete :D

Hello there !
Well, seeing this thread http://www.therpf.com/f24/mcl34ns-wip-amazing-spidey-costume-updated-6-a-140975/ make me want to continue my own suit.

Just remember that I'm totally new at this kind of project, more used to build SW armors :p

So, I rebuild 3 times the lenses to go to this :

On the left : the final product. On the right : a previous colored version too light.

Then, I made 4 tries of the head to finally go to :

As we can see some blue shadows on ref pics I used a spray of canva paint and then drawn the webbing and test with the new lenses (before I paint them) :

I used tulip 3D puff paint to do the final webbing :

You can notice that it's not regular. Well, my hands can't do it :( but when it dries, it looks better. You can also see an angle in the middle. Well, this is because the head I use to display the hood is not my size. But when I put it on my own head, the web fits me right :D

I'm trying to do the honeycomb texture. I hope I can do some pics with it on my head by the week end :)

Cheers !
Probably the best thing to do is lay in the 3D webbing and Honeycomb on the lycra or spandex material while its flat, not already sewn together. Something to keep in mind for the rest of the suit. It will make your life easier. Good start though!
Thanks !
Yep, for the next parts I'll do the webbing and honeycombs before sewing ^^"
It's a little bit difficult to do it on a sewn hood ;)
But, I already "level up" in costuming XD
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