WIP: ROTJ Anakin Skywalker-almost complete.


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Just wanted to show the start of my reveal display project. I havent worked on the mask portion of this for a couple of years but I really wanted a nice Sebastian Shaw Anakin for display with my reveal.

Obviously there is a long way to go, tonight I just wanted to try and get the facial features in the correct place. I need to fix the eyelids and start the ears and then I'll do the rear scars.

EDIT 3-9-12: New progress pic


Original starting point:
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Re: WIP: ROTJ Sebastian Shaw Anakin

Made a little more progress, working mostly on getting the wrinkles worked out, blocked out the ears and just overall orientation of all scars...sorry if the pic is dark, just trying to show the details and the back has the scars but there isnt enough detail to show just yet but I am very happy with their placement. Of course comments/critiques are welcome.

Re: WIP: ROTJ Sebastian Shaw Anakin

So are you going to do the version with eyebrows or without?
Re: WIP: ROTJ Sebastian Shaw Anakin

So are you going to do the version with eyebrows or without?

Personally I will probably go with punching the eyebrows since thats what was filmed originally....on the other hand he kinda reminds me a little of Mr Patato head so maybe I should make a removable set. :lol

Heres a couple shots I did just playing around...

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Just thought I'd share my latest progress...I basically have everything where I want it but plan to shelf it for a while to come at it fresh. After that I'll finish the ears and refine the rear scars and whatever else before molding.

Just a little update....this is a DUD PULL but I am using it to get color tones and so forth...I just did a quick finger paint job but I like the way its going. I will make different eyes to look a little more bloodshot or older and try to make the area around the eyes appear more tired with the paint. Again...really just messing around for now.


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