WIP: Gamora Pants Pattern [3D Print]


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Hey guys

I'm back with a new Gamora part WIP so far i'm making a 3d Printable Stencil for Gamoras Leg Diamond paterns meaning you can print it then use nail polish or spray or airbrush to get the pattern onto the cloth, they i will admit they wont be 100% accurate (but maybe 80%) originally I was going to make a linear pattern and delete what i didnt need it turns out though this is a CRAZY performance killer in solidworks so for now im using Pattern Fill which is much more efficient anyway so far i've made Plate #1 (i'll make 3 in total i think)

Reference #1


and this is how you hit the performance wall with solidworks no not with complex geometry with lines .. LOTS OF LINES


anyway moving on to Pattern Fill Boundary


And the cuts


and then a backfill to complete the stencil


it's about 1mm thick so has flex but shouldn't take to long to print i'll be setting dont cross borders in a vain hope i won't have to much cleanup to do

anyway updates inbound ^^
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Dude you are going to make this task so much easier for myself and others, thank you for the work your putting in to this
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