WIP - Dave Lister's Motorcycle Jacket

Hey Welcome to the site FOreal! Thank you very much for the complements on this project. Sad to say, the jacket is still sitting on the back of my computer chair waiting to be completed. I've had some stuff come up in my life that made me stop working on everything and it's been a slow process getting back to the projects. This jacket is priority one to finish up though.

I have not worked on the Wilma design since I came back from the Space museum and got some pics of the correct rocket at the angle that I needed. I had considered putting Wilma in a space suit, but her helmet under her arm as an homage to both versions. Regretfully, I do not own the DVD versions of Red Dwarf, all of mine were recorded off of PBS (don't worry, I donated money when I could to show my support), if you happen to see a great close up of the big star on the back, let us know. I know that in the episode, "SDRAWKCAB" we see a good shot when Lister and the Cat are hitching a ride to "Nodnol". I am also looking into the Russian looking pin on his right shoulder.

Awesome solution for the keychain! I will look into doing that. I recently found the chain I was going to use for the left shoulder strap, so I think this might be a good starting point on jumping back on this project.

Hey, if you are making your own jacket, please feel free to post pics!
I just wanted to jump in and also say thanks for all the work you've done so far on this project. I'm trying to get a jacket sewn up in time for Halloween this year (and hopefully to wear out after that), and the work you've been doing so far has been incredibly helpful.
So... Thanks to the awesome groundwork done here I actually finished my Lister jacket! :) Will post some photos when I get the chance, hopefully it will give you all some ideas for your own! More to follow...
YES! I've called an end to working on it... Although there are a few bits I'm not entirely happy with, but the overall effect is very close to the original. Took come photos on the weekend but then I couldn't log in here to show you guys! Will upload tonight... I can feel your anticipation building... :)
Here are the photos!


Really wish I could find a "Federal Marshal" badge to replace the generic "Sheriff" one I have at the moment. Apart from that I wouldn't change a thing. Apart from choosing a jacket that didn't have a seam down the back! Please with how it turned out over all. Let me know what you guys think! :)

Aah yes... I never found a decent photo of the eagle badge! :) I constructed this one out of an old tin, made the rough shape with a dremel, then stuck a pin in the back for attaching to the jacket. The design was made up from the scant photographic evidence of the badge and guesswork! I had no idea what to write on it really so ended up leaving the top scroll blank in the end! :cool
Bought a london jets shirt print off ebay.My wife was mad because I got some stains on it from eating.I told her I was weathering it of course,lol.
Awesome job!!! I still need to finish my jacket. This project got put on hold while my wife and I had our child. I have the incomplete jacket in the baby's closet and will be cleaning that closet out soon. I seriously doubt I will get it done before Halloween, but hope to get it complete before the next local sci-fi convention. I also found the proper hat and have it ready to go with the jacket. When I post pics, I'll give an update on the hat.
Building my own coat. What kind of paint did you use to paint the Leather coat? Also did you sew or glue the patches onto the coat? Thanks

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