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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Rylo, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Rylo

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    Okay guys...I'm considering putting on a prop Party/Expo in Myrtle Beach, SC

    I'm thinking the end of May. There would be a 30 or 40 day heads-up with anything I decided.

    Having promoted a number of music related conventions in the past I'm considering getting the Local Planet Hollywood on board. I've found theme restaurants love this sort of thing.

    In fact, We're discussing a private area for the day and I'm awaiting quotes, now. Great bar there, too.

    Everything is soft and this is simply up in the air. Sooner or later I'll get one of these things togther but for now I'd like to play with the numbers a little

    I'm curious. Who thinks they'd make the trip for a Saturday party in SC?
    It does no good to even entertain the idea unless we get a few hands in the air. I'm guessing this would be a great excuse to get some of us lower east Coast pups togther. Not to mention, Myrtle Beach is a great place to kill a weekend with the family.

    Let's play this by ear and consider this a What-if??. I'd of course provide local Hotel info and even shoot for getting a block deal togther.

  2. Apollo

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    Hmm end of May.

    Things are going to be crazy this year for me but pencil me in.
  3. tk5378

    tk5378 Well-Known Member

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    If the date is right, I'd make the trip.
  4. Rylo

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    Don't pay too much attention to the dates right now...Let's just say late spring early summer. I'm more so concerned with finding out if the location will work for enough people. We can always make the date work.
  5. gallman37

    gallman37 New Member

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    The week before Memorial weekend or after would be great, but I think I could even swing Memorial weekend.

  6. allosaur176

    allosaur176 Sr Member

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    Too bad it wasn't the end of april, I'll be visiting NC for a week and would have made the drive
  7. Mandalorian Gunslingerr

    Mandalorian Gunslingerr New Member

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    according to the dates of this, i'd be up for it :D
  8. The Hopkinator

    The Hopkinator Sr Member

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  9. rocketeer25

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    Rylo's asked us to "unstick" this thread until he has a firm date set. Once a date is set, we'll pin it again so that people can mark their calendars. :)
  10. Beeb89

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    My favorite beach AND props...

    Count me in. :)

    -B89. :D
  11. matt1466

    matt1466 New Member

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    I'd consider it. Sounds like fun and you're right, the Planet Hollywood at MB is cool.

  12. Jedirick

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    I'm good. If you need help PLMK.

    Make sure it isn't Biker Week. All we need is for one of us prop nerds to accidentally knock over some guys motorcycle....

    Of course you realize the wife will consider this an excellent opportunity for her to shop MB. Gonna cost me a fortune to do this. Just got back from 2 days down there and the bills are still coming in.
  13. sapper36

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    If I can schedule it probably - We're planning our family vacation the 1st week of June --- Here's my sales pitch:

    Me - Hey Honey Let's go to Myrtle for vacation with the kids.
    Her - OK.
    Me - Hey Honey can we check ouyt the Planet Hollywood while were here?
    Her - Of Course.
    Me - Well willya lookit that, a random prop party we seem to have wandered into. Howdy Guys.
    Her - Scowl & Throws dishes.
    Me - Unsuccessfully tries to Neuralize her one more time.

    Sounds Great.
  14. KarlBud420

    KarlBud420 Well-Known Member

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    It would be the closest location for a prop party I've ever seen, so consider my interested.

    It'll be great to meet some fellow RPFers in person.

  15. Rylo

    Rylo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    That's an important safety tip.

    Don't ever let them go to Tanger outlets.

    Credit cards will smoke for a week afterwards.

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