Why Does Doc Change His Clothes in 2015?


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How many seats does the DeLorean have? 2? If so, how does Marty, Jenifer, Einstein, a large black NIKE tube bag and a hover board all fit in the passenger seat on their way back to 1985?
Well, there's just something about guy's named Doctor who travel in time machines........:behave


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"He's already regenerated into another Human form, shoot it!!"

"You space B@$tard, you killed my Time Lord!"


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Speaking of Jeniffer, watching these films as a kid I was always confused by cop's line "be careful in the future".

My reaction was "why would they refer to their present as THE FUTURE?!"

Yes. I was preeetty dumb as a child.
I never really caught that as a kid either. It was only when I was older did I realize that not only was a bit of a joke by the filmmakers (since Jennifer is from the past in the future) but the fact it was an ironic joke (as he "be careful in the future" is actually something cops would say to someone, even in the present, as a means of letting the person know to be cautious and safe from that moment on).

But then again, kids are dumb. If they came out geniuses, then I guess everyone would be Buckaroo Banzai.


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You guys crack me up!! Back to the original topic at hand. Doc changed his clothed and removed the fake latex face in order to blend in with the time. Before he went back to 1985 he followed the chain of events that led up to his family falling apart then made the jump from where ever in the future to 1985. If you noticed when they went back to 1955 doc had a case with money from all sorts of time periods. View attachment 113161 I figured he does the same with disguises to fit the period he goes to.

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Awesome! But I think it would be improved by putting the "pull to open" sign and St. Johns on the panels of the door. They look badly photoshopped.