Whoever won this Grenade, you better post pics!!


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It's a No3 MK1. It's the correct model, but becasue you don't get to see nice, close pictures, it's hard to tell whether or not it has the correct windvane ring(which it does appear to), or if the cut in the grenade is symetrical or asymetrical(it seems most are asymetrical). It looks like it could go either way, but I wanted it nonetheless. :)

It would just like to see some close ups of the grenade. :)



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Asymmetrical, stem maybe a bit thick but not bad at all, windvane sleeve groove not right (doesn't flange out enough and may be too shallow), condition not great under the paint.

Nice enough for the price, if you have to have a real one.


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Gone but not forgotten.
You know what I think is funny?...
He refers to the painted red stripe on the "BOTTOM".
And we generally think of that as the top :lol

Frankly though, I wouldn't have it...as it's missing the "Pellet Creep Spring".

Seriously though, it's in really nice condition...and the paint scheme is how mine was painted..though mine was a lot more pitted.


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Originally posted by Romans Empire@Jan 22 2006, 11:33 PM
A yellow & pink OB1 saber... not a bad idea. ;)

from when obi was went through his "experimental times" in jedi college :p

Romans Empire

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The red line looks rather pitted, and I'm thinking... since there is so much pitting, but the paint is in such good condition... it may not be original paint. It was probably re-painted. Hmmm...

Still, a yellow & pink OB1 would be cool... :D

Romans Empire

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I figured out the mystery where there was NO MYSTERY. :lol

Man, I'd be good if that wasn't in the description. :D