Who would you most want to direct a Star Wars or Marvel film?


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If you could pick anyone who hasn't officially directed a SW or Marvel Film to direct either or both who would would you want and why?

My choices for Star Wars would be Ridley Scott and Stephen Spielberg. Ridley Scott because he's a master of visuals and amazing cerebral storytelling which I'd love to see mixed in with the SW universe. He's directed and produced many different types of films and has quite a massive amount of experience to fall back on which makes him really stand out.He also wouldn't be risk averse. I'd love to see him direct a Star Wars film that was more geared toward a thinking adult audience.

Stephen Spielberg would also be great for more of general audience Star Wars film as he would no doubt have his finger on the pulse of what it means to be a SW film without making it ultra cliche and yet being able to have mass appeal. Despite them both being around 80 they would still do far better than some others have fared.

For Marvel I'd want Terry Gilliam. He would take Marvel to a place it hasn't really been before. It would be exciting, visually striking, emotional, entertaining, hilarious and would bring a different kind of depth without falling back on the same type of cliche tropes that superhero films seem to often employ. I doubt he'd do a Marvel film but if he did, it would be incredible.
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I would like to see Takashi Miike make a Star Wars/Marvel movie.He has made horror,western,comedy,family you name it movies.Unlike western director’s he is multifaceted.For a western director I would like to see what David Lynch could do,although he did turn down George Lucas to be a potential director for ROTJ.
A Star Wars Movie: Kerry Conran (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). He already understands the appeal of the Pulp era - which was one inspiration for the original Star Wars.

A Marvel Movie: Jon Cassar (Twenty-Four). His fast-paced, yet easy to follow directing would work great for a more action-adventure Marvel Movie. I’m kind of imagining a Hydra vs SHIELD Captain America type movie.
The issue with directing a, up to this point, Disney star wars film is the director isn't allowed to be a director. Disney has shown they want a puppet in place with no real control over anything. Let's keep hope alive that the regime change will end that track record.
I have a lot of respect for the directors who knew a working relationship with Disney wouldn't pan out for them and either said no initially or came to that realization during production and left.

*Theres also something to be said for those who stuck it out and were able to produce content they were happy with.
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Absolutely my Nanna who is in a care facility...she may not be able to remember who I am half the time, but I believe she could do a better job than half the people directing basically anything Sci-Fi or fantasy at the moment.

The people we really need to direct and write are the ones the studios won't take a shot on, they turn to the 'names' who once had the skill and passion who are now just going through the motions or worse some clowns who got a referral from JJ.
The topic itself teeters on the failing edge of burnt bridges. Perhaps the title should read:
Who would you most want to direct a Star Wars or Marvel film when Disney/LFL movies are under new leadership
I've vented many times about that as well. I did indeed want to try to keep things on a more positive note as the inherent flaws are mentioned regularly so I thought it might be fun for a change to focus on what/who we like and want to see in SW and Marvel. Again I mean no harm and I do understand your point/frustration.

I should also say that I've enjoyed Andor, Mandalorian Season 1, Rogue One, GOTG 1&2, Deadpool 1&2, WandaVision and TFATWS so it's not a complete lost cause. For me.
John Landis. Let everyone know what real jeopardy is!

Ok jkjk.

Rob Bowman could bring something to Star Wars that it hasn't seen since Rogue One. But everything depends on writing their way out of the hole that RS put them in.

Not everyone understands the ending of Rise. Serling would get it, but where are you going to find another Serling to continue the story?
The rot in Lucasfilm is from the top down. The director isn't the main problem.

Put good executive producers in charge of a project, and everything else will fall into line. They are the ones hiring the director & writers. The right people will prefer to collaborate with the right other people.

The issues with Disney would improve too. Studio bosses start meddling with a movie when they have less trust in the producers to handle it. Studio bosses are business people, not creatives. They will mostly stand back and let the creatives run with it if they have faith in the outcome.
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