Who is your favorite Doctor Who?

This is the curse of older Dr. Who. I was rewatching "Invasion of Time" yesterday and it just gets dragged out two episodes longer than it needed to be after the main threat is solved and then another tacked on the end (Sontarans, again!), and those two final episodes were thirty minutes each of the cast running around an abandoned hospital that's being used as the bowels of the Tardis. Not in a creative way, mind you, it was black garbage bags over the windows and clonking around hallways. For 30 minutes. Until the Doctor makes a ray gun to kill the Sontarans in two. Some of the serials at this time are pitch perfect, and then there are some that are really just there to cut to down on production budgets and fill a time slot.

Although, with Nu Who, I will say that is one draw-back I definitely think hinders it sometimes: it moves too fast sometimes and doesn't let anything develop. It's a pick-your-poison type of situation. I prefer the slower nature of the early series where atmosphere and tension can be built, rather than the glossy, flash-bang, flashcard cues of Nu Who. That's just me.

Is it too much of a distraction to ask who's your favorite companion?
Sarah Jane..
Schoolboy crush..
Oh and Amy Pond
Adult crush lol..
John Pertwee was my Dr growing up... so many classic stories and I loved his velvet smoking jackets, very dapper.
Tom was great,met him once.
Then there's the New Who's
Chris brought him both back and made him successful..
DT was a crazy energetic clever loon..but he was Our Family Dr Who, we all watched it as we did with the equally Amazing Matt Smith.

A shout out for Alex Kingston as the perfect SPOILERS River Song, that story Arc was both wonderful tearful and raucous fun to watch and took the good Doctor stateside too..
Oh I loved the two Peter Cushing movies too,camp as hell but it was the 60s and a completely different Dr all round.

My fav I guess is The Doctor, they are in essence "A bit of a mixed bag" but always entertaining..
I agree with everything except I go with Tom first as he was my Dr growing up.
I agree with everything except I go with Tom first as he was my Dr growing up.
I do like the new Master and him turning people into teeny weeny dolls.. I remember Roger Delgardo the OG Master doing that in some crazy large Maggot thing back in the 70's
i guess i am just as old as some other people here... Tom Baker
Well being born in the mid 60s I was the right age to watch John Pertwee.
Flamboyant and very Vincent Price with his crisp pronunciations And Vaudeville style so he's My Dr and having watched the 80s crop which tried a little too hard to be relevant to the time loved New Who by Russell TD and both Chris And David are stellar I love Matt Smith.

It's all about the Fezz

So here goes...

John Pertwee as those ep scared me most as a kid
Chris Eccleston for being Cool Who and igniting a dormant franchise
David Tennant For the emotional Who he gave us as a family watching together
Matt Smith Could be anywhere in my top five,the Amy Pond/River Song SPOILERS was the best long game reveal.
John Hurt for being the broken Time Wars Who and holding it all together..

Bit long winded but he has been around a very long time, I've met Tom and Colin and brushed past Sylvester Vision On McCoy.
Wish I'd met Elizabeth Sladen..
Tom Baker was, is and always will be THE Doctor.

The Hair and the scarf are iconic. Dress up as almost any of the others and most people wouldn't recognise you but that curly hair and long scarf are instantly recognisable even outside of general nerd culture (Davison may get a nod because of that flippin celery but still... Baker is IT).

Then I think it goes to David Tennant. There was just something about his charm and character, he really brought life to the role

Pertwee gets a nod for being kind of cool and most of the older series Doctors get nostalgia points but I can't imagine re-watching too much of the older stuff - they were awesome at the time, but my tastes have changed since I was a kid.

I have a soft spot for Eccleston for being the first of the new Doctors, and for giving the character a darker, more "broken" spin.

I really didn't like Matt Smith when he started but he grew on me quickly and I really like him now. He evolved the Tennant version of the character into a new, more sarcastic direction.

Capaldi always grated but I just barely managed to slog through his rendition. The new chick? urggh, a couple of episodes and I was done. She and the showrunners and writers almost killed Doctor Who for good.
There's a VERY good reason they're bringing Tennant back - trying to wipe away the stain of the last few years and revive flagging interest in the show. It's blatant but it might be the only thing that saves it.

I quite like McGann - The US Movie is something of a guilty pleasure to watch - so weird, and yet also, strangely it still kind of works for the franchise. And he did a bang-up job when they brought him back for that one episode. And John Hurt was fun. The whole War Doctor storyline was great.
I was going to post my 2 cents, but you said exactly what i would have said. :)
Why, the FAVORITE Dr. Who should be the ORIGINAL "Dr. Who" correct? The one from whom all future Drs. and the Time Lord race were to spring.

The Timeless Child

You're all wrong. The BEST Doctor is the alternate universe 9th Doctor as played by ME!

OF COURSE I'm being a snot.

To get real, now...

1. 4th

2. 3rd

3. Hartnell

4. 8th

5. 5th

6.(honerable mention) Smith(his first 2 seasons, though ONLY for the performance cos I hate the stories)

And no, not a Nuwho fan.
Briefly watched reruns of DH as a child with Tom Baker. Watched the reboot and quite liked it. But never stuck with it.

But during the early days of the pandemic I binged DH reboot through the Capaldi era.

Tennant is by far the best.

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